Seattle Doomtown?

Hi all,

I’m moving to Seattle in a couple of weeks and was wondering if there are any Doomtown folks in the area. I’m quite new to the game so I can’t offer much in terms of competition, but I’d love to explore the game more.


No one? That is depressing.

There is a bunch of old L5r players that play in Seattle I just don’t think they are on the forums I will see what I can do about getting you a email or phone number

Tough luck. :frowning:

You could try Reddit or emailing the local gamestore(s)? If not there is always online play.

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Portland, OR has an active meta - too far for casual play, but perhaps worth it for premier (Epitaph/Servitor) events?


Just checking again to see if there are any players in Seattle…

Used to play Classic with an Aaron Maus who I believe lives there…


Yo! Over here! I know this post is a month old hopefully you’re still following it. I’ve been dying to get a regular group going again.

At the the peak we had 6-8 people meeting almost weekly at a store in Lynnwood just north of Seattle. Around the Table Games is where a few sactioned tournaments we’re held.

Just last week I was trying to kickstart interest in a game. I think at least a handful of us will meet on either the 9th or 11th of October at a location TBD.

If you’re on Facebook look for the group Seattle Doom Townies. Hope we can meet up when you get to town.


Wow. I posted that over 2 years ago.

I sold my cards a while ago because I couldn’t find anyone to play with. I might be tempted to get in again, but only if I think I can get regular games.

I don’t seem to be able to send you a PM. And I’m not on Facebook.


Haha, crazy! I misread the '16 as August 16th of this year. But your most recent post looks like it was just six weeks ago?

Yeah I’m not sure if you can send a PM on here. I don’t pop in here too often. Well if you’re interested in playing and we get a game together you can always borrow a deck to get a game in. If you’re still in the area I’ll try to remember to post in here a time/place. A few of us are hoping to get a monthly or bi-monthly game going.

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If anyone else comes here looking for info on Seattle:

There are a few players looking to get a regular monthly game going on the first Tuesday of the month. February 5th will be our kick-off for 2019. One of the members of our posse will be hosting at his house in North Seattle until we can get our numbers up. Find us on Facebook or post here if you’re interested in joining us!