Shamans and shootouts

I witnessed in a game a player using a shaman, who was at the same locations as a shootout, but not in the shootout. The shaman used The Pack Awakens totem to bring a booted nature token dudes into the shootout. Is that legal? Here are relevant quotes.

DTR Rulebook, page 22 NEW VERSION wrote:
Shootout abilities you use must come from either an action card in your play hand (which is played and discarded), or printed on one of your cards in the posse. You can also use a Shootout ability on a card that’s not in a posse, but only if that ability would bring a card into a posse. Shootout abilities can also only affect dudes or their attached cards if they are in a posse, unless that ability would bring a card into the posse.


Any Shaman at the same location may use a totem, regardless of the totem’s controller. A Shaman uses such a Totem in exactly the same way (and with the same clauses, costs or restrictions) as they would a Spirit attached to them.


The Pack Awakens
Spell • Spirit • Totem • Cost 1
Token dudes at this location gain the Harrowed keyword.
Shootout Spirit 8, Boot: A 2-stud Nature Spirit enters play, booted, and joins your posse.

I going to say no. I could be wrong, but the shaman must be in the shootout to use the totem,spirit.

Also that first quote you said, read the first line. A shootout ability has to come from a card in your hand or a card in your posse. A shaman at the location but not in the shootout is not in your posse.

Ah, there it is. My mistake from using the current rulebook, which is different from the composite rulebook which is updated. Didn’t see the ‘currently’, which makes all the difference.

And Tredain, it says following that you can use shootout abilities on cards not in a posse, but only if that ability would bring a card into the posse. The important change they made was adding that the card must also currently be in play. Very important, or raising hell, pack awakens, spirit dance… would be able to be used anywhere, and outside the shootout.

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oop, yeah, mea culpa