Sheriff Event in two weeks, what should I play?

I’m still not comfortable with to heavy control decks, too tough for me to pilot them correctly at this early stage of my development. I am enjoying LD so far though. Anyone want to help me put something together for my second tourney?

Fairly basic LD shooter here: Dog Man's Hand · DoomtownDB
and here
Let slip the Dogs of Law · DoomtownDB

I’ve had decent results with both but they’ll need a slight tweak with the new cards.

The second one is probably slightly better as it has the option of starting Perrry vs Fourth Ring and ~66% of the deck can pass the pull to unboot a dude if they start hurling Paralysis Marks around.

Alternatively Blessed decks can give Clowntrol a hard game with Holy Roller preventing casulties when the Hex Sling / Who You Know and Sword of the Spirit providing immunity to all their spells. I have a work in progress for that, but it’s a bit ropey at the moment and needs considerable testing to make sure it’s not gimped agianst anything else - current rough draft (unpublished) here: Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB


well then lets gets to some testing! im free tonight -thursday night!

Sounds good, I’ll prod you FB

I would suggest clowns build on 8,Q and 10 or J, + two or three Soul Blasts. The other option is something shooty, IMO the best option at the moment are LD deputies + Faster on the Draw + Point Blank and Takin’ YA with Me, recently the whole game is all about early aggression and shootout actions.