Sheriff winner and badge award thread

The Sheriff Tournament period is upon us, and I believe tomorrow is the very first one. So I’m opening the thread where people can post that they won a Sheriff event and they’ll get a fancy new badge!

Please post here with as much information for your sheriff event as you can. Place, Date, Player Count, Winnind Decklist and so on. The Badge itself will link back to your post, so people will be able to see where you won and with what deck :wink:

IMPORTANT: DO NOT reply to this topic unless you’ve WON a Sheriff event, as that will automatically give you the badge and I’ll have to revoke it manually. I.e. you’ll annoy me! :triumph:


I won the Cardiff sheriff event, I’ll edit this post with the deck tomorrow

Barcelona sheriff event on July the 12th.

I played a 4th ring deck: Barcelona Sheriff Event Winner · DoomtownDB


The description (and trophy) for Origins said Sheriff.

this was in oklahoma city on july 19th at the little shoppe of games. they had 14 players.

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Howdy pardners =)

I just wanted to share the deck, which allowed me to win 2015 Sheriff Badge in Cracow Sheriff Event 2015.07.18. There were 19 players.


I won an 11 Person Sheriff Event in Springfield, VA today.

Never posted mine up for Santa Clara awhile back :slight_smile:

won the sheriff event in tulsa, ok at the covenant store on 8/15. 11 player turnout. played the same deck as last time.

Won Huddersfield with the deck linked below (Paralysis Mark/Blood Curse but out of Desolation Row rather than either 4th Ring Outfit), but opponent (4th Ring Control/Shooter) could easily have taken 1st as he unbeaten through Swiss and two knockout games.

Extra info as requested:

Date: 16 August 2015 - Nightmare at Noon was the most recent legal set
Players: 24
Decklist: Des Row Hucksters, Huddersfield Sheriff Winner · DoomtownDB

I won both the Portland and Albany Sheriff events playing Desolation Row, though there were only 2 players at Albany so that really doesn’t count.

Portland had 11 players battling over 4 rounds of Swiss and a cut to the top 2. I came in 2nd in Swiss, going 3-1 and beating 3 Law Dogs decks (one starting Sheriff Dave Montreal).

In the final round of Swiss I lost to the other undefeated player who was running 4th Ring Control (starting Exp. Steele Archer, with Shadow Walk, Blood Curse and Puppet as his main hexes).

At the end of Swiss there were 2 other players ranked 3-1, but I had beaten both of them so I made the cut to the top 2 for a rematch against the 4th Ring. This time a first-turn Kidnappin’ on Steele Archer sealed the deal and I took home the badge.

Due to a technical error, I can’t activate an account at the DoomtownDB. You can find further info on my deck and opponents, here:

Flush 'Em Out Deck List

Warren Michigan Sheriff event. 22 Players, making it the largest US Sheriff event to date.
Undefeated with 4R in the swiss, and beat two other 4R control decks in the top 4, and in the finals to sweep the event.
Is the deck that I played, which was a modification of my 2nd place Gen Con Marshall deck.

Posting a second time to grab another Sheriff’s badge for my win in Albany. Thanks for the tip, db0.

I also got my dtdb account all squared away, so the real deck list can be viewed HERE.

Here is my Knoxville winning deck. Maybe I can win in Atl next week and make it two!

Here’s the deck I took London UK with. 20th Sept. 22 players. Law dog huckster blessed

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I guess I needs me a badge - Sheriff of Sacramento, CA reporting in

Hello, I want the last sheriff event in Madrid but no appear the name (Cesar Serrano)

the deck i played: Sloaneslide Job Rush! · DoomtownDB

Reporting in from the Gameology Sheriff event. 17 players. I won with a fundamental dudes and deeds deck out of 108.


York Sheriff, 11th September 2016.

18 Players. Dave ran a fine event with very generous prize support and generously dropped out at the cut despite making it. Four different factions in the top four as noted in my tournament report (linked to below).

I was playing Desolation Row Hucksters, Deck list here: Des Row Hucksters York Sheriff Winner · DoomtownDB

Very similar to my Desolation Row deck from Huddersfield in 2015, but moved from 8,10,Q to 10,Q,K due to the Paralysis Mark Errata. Showstopper was the most recent legal set.

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I guess add me to this list as well for this weekends Sheriff event in Madison, WI.

Only 4 folks made it, so it probably shouldn’t count. But then again the next closest Sheriff event is 6-7 hours away by car so if you are anywhere in this region this would have been the event to attend. This region must be pretty dry… sad face - especially considering we have 2 of the biggest cities in the country within a short distance.