Shootouts resolution

I was playing a game with my friend and we got Into a shoutout, I revealed a cheatin 4oak, he revealed a legal 4oak as he won lowball I gave him first resolution action and he played it’s not what you know and lowered my hand rank by 4, I then used the ghostly gun to make my hand a cheating 5oak, so I won by one hand rank and won the shoot out. My question is did we resolve this in the right order and was my play legal or should I of still dropped four hand ranks and lost the shootout?
Thank you

Your final rank is your hand rank plus modifiers. It’s Not What You Know doesn’t set your hand rank from 4-of-a-kind to 3-of-a-kind, it gives you a -4 rank modifier. If you then change your hand form 4-of-a-kind to 5-of-a-kind, you’d have hand rank 10, plus a -4 modifier, equals final rank 6.


So I would of lost the shootout, that’s cool, I’ll need to apologise to my opponent, as that play won me the game. Feel bad now :(.

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