Sleeves - What do you use?

What kind of card sleeves do you use? I’ve always been particular to Dragon Shields but they seem to not fit well in the metal boxes from the OP kits…they get caught under the lip and are a pain to remove.

Dragon shield are so durable that when I die they’ll come to my funeral😄

Anyhow I use a netrunner deckbox from a random OP. They’re made of cardboard so I don’t experience your problem.

I use Lord of the rings, saurons eye for 4th ring. Rainbow dash sleeves for Morgan decks, Vader Sleeves for Sloane decks, and Laws Dogs tend to be boring white sleeves. In truth I like an image on the back so I tend to buy FFG sleeves a lot of the time. On the tins I hear they get stuck in them and I always take the mat ,so I don’t have the tins. I just use normal deck boxes.

I have tons and tons of sleeves of different types right now, it’s starting to become issue with my significant other. “Look I understand the game thing, but do you really need so many stupid sleeves!?”

There seems to be pros and cons for most of the major brands out there. Personally, I find dragonshield often have burred edges and don’t shuffle that well. Ultra pro are too short. FFG are too long.

But my absolute personal favorite that I stumbled upon are some random cyberpunk themed sleeves I use for Netrunner, made by Legion Sleeves. If they had Doomtown inspired sleeves I’d snatch them up in a heartbeat


KMC hyper mats. Shuffle like butter and last forever.

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Not a huge fan of art sleeves. I like subtile colors that match the factions color theme. Recently I bought a lot of Ultra Pro Pro-Matte for DTR and Conquest and these are really good. I am also a fan of Ultimate Guard, especially their deck boxes.

KMC hypermat & dragon shields.

Though I have a bunch of ultrapro for when im just messing around or drafting.

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I don’t know if its my history of playing games and wanting to take care of them but unsleeved cards make me wince. Especially when DT:R has the print run errors that it does.

Our group plays Deadlands Classic (as in the RPG) so we always have decks of cards around and shuffle them like crazy. Its to the point where we almost want to sleeve them too. :smiley:

I’ve got a load of Ultra Pro plain colour ones, with the idea of having a different colour for each home. The plan fell apart somewhat when my friends bought sleeves of the same colours, so I started rotating my sleeve colours to avoid clashing with what they were playing. Then I bought more sleeves.

Now I think about it, I bought shiny blue sleeves for my Law Dogs, next tournament when I used them I won. I bought some cool looking Ultra Pro Los Muertos art sleeves and put my Morgan deck in them, next tournament when I used them I won…

I’m going to the IQ Games Sheriff event this weekend, maybe I should buy some new sleeves :smile:

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Huge fan of KMC hypermats, I was a Dragon Shield guy for a long time before them. DS are durable as hell, but KMC shuffles so much better, and the sleeves take longer to get that ‘used’ feel to them.

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I’ve gotton a ton of compliments about the serenity sleeves that I have. They are thin and very low profile. They are made by Legion.

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