Sloane (dude)

Still learning the card pool and basic strategy so excuse if this is a dumb question.

Am I correct that her strength is joining posses at adjacent locations (and bringing dudes with her) and none of them have to boot?

I was originally confused by the point of the card because if the shoot out starts at her location the dudes wouldn’t have to boot to join it anyways.

Yes, very much so. - it’s also a trait so it works in every shootout she joins (which can be many, since she and her mates don’t boot)

What do you mean “it’s also a trait”?

It’s a trait, so it isn’t limited to one use/turn like abilities are.

Ahhh, my thrones brain made that more complicated to understand than need be (in thrones, traits are things like huckster, mad scientist etc…).

To elaborate further, the text on a card breaks down to fall into 3 categories: Keywords, Traits, and Abilities.

Keywords are the bold-faced words at the top of the text box. Some of these like Harrowed and Huckster may have special rules granted automatically and are contained in the rulebook. Others like Deputy and Abomination have no special rules but some game effects may reference them (like Faster on the Draw or Raising Hell).

Abilities are any effects that begin with bolded words, then a colon, followed by non-bolded words. Such as “Shootout, Boot: Do X things to Y dudes.” Abilities may only be used at certain times as dictated by the Shootout, Noon, React, and Resolution designators. All of which are described in the rulebook. Abilities may only be used once per turn unless they have Repeat listed on them.

Lastly there are Traits. These can be identified because they contain no bolded words at all. Traits are “always on” essentially. They may only come into play at certain times depending on how they are worded (like Sloane’s only matters when joining posses) but they can be used more than once per turn. Additionally they must always take effect unless the controller is given an option not to use them (like using the words “If X happens then this dude may do X.”).

A good example is Lillian Morgan:

Huckster 2

When Lillian enters a posse, place 3 ghost rock on her. The ghost rock may be used to pay for Shootout abilities (it is not a bounty). Discard her unused ghost rock after the shootout.

Shootout, Pay X Ghost Rock: X of your dudes in any location(s) join Lillian’s posse (moving if necessary).

The text “Huckster 2” is a keyword. The next block of text is a trait. The final block of text is an ability.