So one last pine box

Any hopes for the outfits? Or Exp’ed characters we might see?

At this point, it’ll be nice to see -any- exp’d characters for the Bandits and Wardens, super shame they’re getting next to none (if they get any at all), or even really developed. I’m hoping Laughing Crow sees an Exp.

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I’d really like to see a sloan home built for hucksters. Would love to see an xp Jonah. Would be interesting to see some of the kungfu dudes jump up in kungfu or value. There are also some EW dudes that have great character and story, but little interesting in game other than stats, such as Richard Faulkner and Black Elk. They could be really nice to get an xp version.

What about some of the more notable dudes affected by the plague becoming ‘blighted’. Perhaps a xp version of Tommy Harden for 4R, in exchange, law dogs could get an xp Valeria Batten.


I’ll second the desire for Jonah Essex experienced!

Hope we get a card for the hanging judge art used in the deputy playmat (ideally as a dude rather than an action or similar).

Would also like to see another Law Dog with an anti-cheatin’ trait or ability. This theme for Law Dogs wasn’t really built on beyond the base set. I like it and hope it shows up again in the last set.

On the subject of a Sloane huckster home: I think Desolation Row does the job splendidly. Good synergy with Huckster decks in my experience (shadow walk helps you reinforce the home’s job, Maria Kingsford benefits from bounties for soul blast fun). Strong homes don’t need a direct interaction with hexes to work well (damnable 108 worldly desires can run a variety of deck types because it is so strong).

I’m still hoping for a Longwei Fu XP.

I am just gonna say this “what’s in the box???”

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The severed head of Dave Montreal?

Although I think Doomtown did the whole Deadly Sins thing in Classic. Flock are long gone now. :wink:

Hopefully the last box will include updated versions of the most recently errata’d cards…

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I don’t know that I’d bank on it, the way they’ve described the testing and print cycle, the last set has probably been done for a while now and they likely didn’t realize at the time it would be the ‘final’ set of the game so it’s probably going to be like any other pine box, with a couple errata’s cards but I don’t think we can expect anything especially unique about the set in terms of being a send off to the game

Adding the final erratas would be super fine, if economically sound.

Errata’d cards are unfortunately unlikely to happen.

I’d rather see a Morgan dude (or deed or good or whatever so long as it’s not a club) that punished cheating or did something to oil up Experimental Mad Science’s painfully squeaky wheelhouse.

so the waiting is the worst part.


I’m looking forward to, and this is speculation, new faction leaders. Sloan is dead, the box says Abrams leaves town, Ivor’s out and being replaced by ‘full moon brotherhood’. Not sure about Lillian.

Not sure if we’ll get these - if there are 6 homes in this expansion (one each), 3x108, 3xEW, 2xFR, 2xLD that fits with the mighty Post-A-Tron being number 18 (as in the preview), and the higher rated of the two MCC dudes.

Damn, need to catch up on all the stories before getting randomly spoilered here :grimacing:

When did she die ?

Sloane hasn’t died yet in the story, but the back of Blood Moon Rising’s box mentions a new leader of the Sloane Gang so the general assumption is that she’s not going to survive.

Last time we saw her was the siege of the orphanage fiction.

She doesn’t necessarily have to die for that.
I think she will just drop the sloane holster and let another moron be the new sloane.


Given how things currently stand, that’s one possibility I’ve also thought of.

Agree on the decent chance of Sloane having walked away. Just guessing from the last few sets and the pine box description.

I have my fingers crossed for a Jonah Essex experienced now! He screams leadership potential/sinister new direction. There’s space for a few new high value leader types, even if my card counting above argues against a new King for everyone.