[SoCal] A New Quickdraw Season Begins!

Today and every Wednesday at 6:30pm
Game Empire Pasadena
1795 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, California 91106
(626) 304-9333

Doomtown league play is back for another season at Game Empire Pasadena, beginning Wednesday, June 10th.

Each Wednesday for 6 weeks, play as many games as you like, dueling or multiplayer, and record your wins and losses.

Along with standard constructed play, this season features the knockout multiplayer variant. If you have less influence than any other player has control points when checking for victory in a multiplayer game, you’re eliminated from that game and your cards are removed. Any dudes on your deeds (or home) are sent home unbooted, and any cards owned by other players attached to cards you own are sent to their owners discards. Players receive double points for winning and participating in knockout multiplayer games; standard multiplayer and other variants featured in previous seasons may still be played and count for normal points.

At the end of the six-week season, the league results (number of wins) will be used to seed a double elimination bracket tournament in week 7 (despite the theme, this tournament will be standard deck construction format), falling on July 22nd.

Top places will receive prizes, with an additional participation prize to the gunfighter who didn’t place in the prizes but has the most games played during regular league play.

$6 covers the whole season, and players are free to sign up at any time. Everyone plays in the final double elimination bracket. It’s less than a buck a week!