Someone Else's Problem - New card preview & story

This week’s Wednesday preview at AEG’s website.

The Sloane Gang leaps into action. Will they be the saviours of Gomorra this time?

The new card is an interesting one. A use that immediately springs to mind is preventing your opponent’s stud dude from defending against a Kidnappin’ attempt, and I’m sure there are plenty of other situations you could engineer to your advantage through using it.


You could also use it to stop them bringing in a bullet catcher so the shootout could be dangerous as they might lose a key character.

I suppose you could also use this along with Election Day Slaughter, and choose a dude that cannot be unbooted, cannot oppose the job, and cannot be aced if the job succeeds.

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Having looked at the card again, looks like it won’t work with Kidnappin’ as it reacts to marking a location. Hmmm… Election Day Slaughter does seem like a good one to combo with.

There aren’t a lot of React action cards in the game. Here’s the list. Only 6 cards, and I can immediately identify Hot Lead Flyin’, Takin’ Ya With Me, and A Slight Modification as the only ones that see much use. The first two are fairly similar to Resolution effects and can be very strong, and then A Slight Modification is just incredible for gadget decks and is similar to a shootout effect.

The other three, however, have very specific React timing windows where a very specific thing has to have happened. Backroom Deals can be done as an opponents dude is discarded during upkeep, or as you are paying upkeep. Alright, that’s fairly common, and can either be a 2 GR savings or getting you a dude for the whole noon phase. But Rope and Ride and Tail Between your Legs are pretty far below the power curve. Since both rely on you calling them out, they’re absolutely useless if you can’t maintain a very strong offensive position on the board.

I’m sort of rambling on here but my point is: I’m worried this card has far too specific of a React condition, and at this point in the games life your deck slots are far too valuable to include a card that can marginally increase the power of a job that marks a location.

edit: Here’s sort of a list of the Jobs this card can modify, ignoring Buffalo Rifle and Crafty Hare (couldn’t figure out search criteria that would exclude them). I suppose there’s a few more viable jobs than I had considered, but it still seems a little lackluster.

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It’s honestly tempting for me in a Gadget deck that runs Technological Exhibition. It let me exclude a heavy hitter from their posse, like, say Wendy, giving me an easier time of getting that shiny Control Point on my new invention. :smile:


Interesting card - well done to those who spotted the “location” requirement before everyone got too excited/panicked!

Thanks to PaxCecilia for the list of jobs that qualify: Election Day Slaughter (as noted by others, interacts particularly well here), Establishing Who’s in Charge, Meet the New Boss and Fiery Rhetoric are my favourites from this list.

Further signs of Jonah Essex’s tensions with the rest of the gang after his involvement in the Nightmare at Noon. Looking forward to the big reveal on his agenda.


My thought is that he’s the “inside man” for whoever the mysterious backer of the Sloane Gang is. This backer wants to ensure maximum chaos in Gomorra and the gang is unknowingly one of his tools. Jonah is there to encourage the gang in a particular direction, which is why he isn’t too impressed with the act of heroism they’ve just set off to do as whatever evil deeds Hawley is up to are helping things along nicely.

I think there was a hint dropped in one of the early fiction pieces as to who this mysterious backer could be, but the link has only become clear following recent stories…

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