Spell pull timing

Soul blast says:

Shootout Hex X, Boot: Choose a dude in this shootout. X is that dude’s grit. If successful, send the dude home booted. If successful by 6 or more, ace the dude instead. If unsuccessful, move this Huckster home booted.

I was always playing this card like choose dude, then make a pull.

But now I reread it, and pretty sure that ‘choose a dude’ is part of spell effect and happens after I make a pull. So I can choose a dude that can be aced when I see how much did I pull. Is there a ruling somwhere that prevents me from doing so?

Same question about Paralisys Mark.

Probably, that was already asked. Sorry.

I asked on the rules forum.

Choosing the dude defines the X value.

You need to choose your target before you pull, you cannot pick on someone after you see the value.

I need proof. Rules do not say anything like that.

You can’t pull “x” until you define it.

Nice try though. :wink:

Oh please stop it. I CAN make a pull before I know X. Don’t see anything wrong with it.

Give me rule or FAQ page with proof or this is not serious.

Rulebook pg 29:

. Usually, you compare the value to a number indicated in the pull instructions

Soul Blast / Paralysis mark dictate on the card that “x” is defined by the target. You need to target first to generate an “x” difficulty.

Please stop trying to make the card do something that it doesn’t.

At worst, it’s a minor templating issue.

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Makes sense, but we need that as a ruling in the FAQ.

Something like this: “If paying the cost requires making a pull of undefined difficulty, you must define that value before attempting the pull. The value is usually defined as part of the effect of the ability.”

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Please stop trying to make the card do something that it doesn't.

I don’t. I’m trying to improve current situation with rules and templating in future.

Already raised :wink:


This sounds like targets are selected for the X pulls before making the pull.

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Also, this is a mild warning to be civil. Sometimes the templating on the cards leaves something to be desired, but we’re all here for the same reason.

I’d hate to bring the sheriff into this…he’s currently busy with a reporter anyhow. :wink:


Well, this is one way to answer the question… Not the way MtG judges would take, but a way nontheless, I guess.

Sorry don’t know what you mean mplain