Spell templating divergences

I’ve noticed some divergences on how the abilities of spells are written. Some hexes start with “if successful”, whereas others don’t have that conditional clause. For example, Summoning or For Such a Time as This have such clause; Blood Curse and Paralysis Mark don’t. Why is there that difference? I thought that if the pull is passed, all the text after the semicolon just takes effect. Thus, “if successful” is redundant.

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Good one! Also all Techniques have the same redundant text (the rules for kung fu already state that you need to pull lower that the dude’s value in order to succeed and apply the card’s effect).

If your pull is a lower value than that of the performing dude, the technique succeeds and you use the ability on the technique. Otherwise the technique fails and nothing happens.

True templating wasn’t in effect until now.

Now that I think about it, if designers want to add negative effects to future spells or techniques when the pull is unsuccessful (like Soul Blast), then the correct templating is to use “if successful” clause.

I’d reserve that templating for spells with negative side effects, like Soul Blast, and save space on the majrity that don’t have any.