Spoiler: Dog's Duster

Hi Guys,

I haven’t been able to gets this recorded as a video as my baby daughter arrived this week and that has obviously taken up a lot of my time.

However I’m not going to let you guys go without a spoiler on a Friday so here it is:

The artwork turned up last night on Facebook and people immediately set about trying to decide who the dude was. The card is however, not a dude.

It’s an attire and like all the attires we have seen so far it provides bonus influence. In this case you get +1 INF while you are not wanted for a 2 GR investment.

So, twice the cost of a Fancy New Hat for the same INF gain however this time it’s conditional upon a game state and doesn’t have the protection of the hat.

So what do you get for that price? Honestly, a pretty bad ass piece of gear.

While a Deputy has it they do not become wanted for fighting at a private deed, which is a pretty decent effect by itself. You want to be able to make sure you can keep the influence when you play this and while you can trade it if a dude DOES get a bounty, being able to avoid becoming wanted in the first place is really good.

On top of that we get a call out action as well. I LOVE call out actions, especially ones as easy as this, just boot the attire and call out a wanted dude, yes he can refuse and go home booted, but that takes him out of play for a turn. Also, since this is a call out from a card effect it can be used at your opponent’s home punishing those nuisance decks that don’t like to fight (I’m looking at you Slide!)

It does share a value with Shotgun, however that’s only a minor issue. People are starting to get smart to turn 1 shotgun and are starting less and less tasty targets for it with cards like Jacqueline Isham providing higher value alternatives to their usual starters.

All in all this is a solid piece of gear for any Law Dogs deck. Especially given how easy it is to throw bounty out now with Andrew Burton backing up the Core Set Outfit.


Also the artwork is complete bad-assery!

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I will absolutely replace two of my Shotguns with two of these in my 3/7/8 LD deck. Both sides of this card (Andrew with Influence and Calling Out at home/while booted) are great for that deck and worth the price. Really simple but exciting card.

I like it. I like it A LOT!!!

I dont understand - the ability says call out a wanted dude, if your dude is unbooted… Couldnt you just do that anyways? Except for in their homes? So this gives the law the ability to go to their homes and call them out? But they can still refuse and boot ‘home’?

Basically. Though obviously an unbooted target at home cannot retreat from this.

Also, who knows, there may be some kind of mechanics in the future that don’t permit standard callouts that this might get around. For the moment though, yes the effect seems to be essentially to allow you to callout at an opposing home.

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Ok - just wanted to see if I had missed something.

I Like it!

I kind of wish that the wording of this prevented gaining bounties from Kidnapping somehow as well. Would be great thematically in a deck with the Jail to simulate an “arrest”.

At least this mitigates it a bit still so you don’t get 2 bounty when Kidnapping at a Private location.

With 2 of these on the table, no wanted dude can hide at home :wink:

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Love it :slight_smile:


Nightmare at Noon is shaping up to be another great set of cards. Recently I’ve been staying away from running threes as a main value with my Law Dogs, it might be time to go back to them soon.

Good card. I see it mainly as a way to call out dudes at home every turn, with influence as an extra bonus. Too bad it doesn’t let you call out when booted, it won’t be of much use vs. Clowns, as they’ll just paralyze you. Hustings is on the same value, so that will help to ensure that there are booted dudes at home. I don’t mind dropping a couple Shotguns for this attire, they’re too expensive anyway (though i was hoping for a 1-cost goods at 3’, but this’ll do too).

BigZ will like this card :slight_smile:

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I don’t like the wording though.
First, it would be better to phrase it as “While this dude it not wanted, they get…”. Starting the card text with “While they are…” is very awkward.
Second, not breaking the first paragraph into two separate ones is bound to lead to the question: "Does my Deputy get a bounty for a shootout at a private location if he is already wanted?

EDIT: actually, it does appear that the second line works only for non-wanted deputies, as “become wanted” probably means “bounty goes from 0 to above 0”

Goddamnit mplain! I was about to comment I didn’t believe you found a card you didn’t complain about and you had to go and ruin it for me last minute! :stuck_out_tongue:


The fact that the influence is contingent on not being wanted will have an interesting play dynamic in LD mirror matches. They can issue a warrant to get rid of your influence, but it becomes more costly to do so because of the initial boost from the card itself.

Also, all of those dudes you just booted to issue the warrant run the risk of being warranted right back and then have the dude with the duster come trotting over to ask them why they were so mean! :slight_smile:


First and most important congrats on the child. Now onto the card I like it it same value as shotgun ,but man my ability to call out dudes with this and arsenal is amazing and evidence fits to get rid of the bounty of I get wanted

I like this card, I really do. Combos with Tin star, yeah, I know, I might even run tin star now. Might work with Quaterman, allowing him/it to take control of an opponent’s location public locations, or help go after booted dudes at opponents homes in classic lawdog outfit.

Congratulations @Whizzwang!!