Spoiler - Full Moon Brotherhood

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Couple new spoilers today, but I wanted to pontificate about this one. I also wanted a place to quickly write down a list of inherently problematic dudes that this shuts down.

Only looking at the trait negation aspect of this home, it can shut down:

Jake Smiley
Clementine Lepp
Fred Aims
Tommy Harden
Barton Everest
Longwei Fu
John “Aces” Radcliffe
Miranda Clarke
Karl Odett
Chuan “Jen” Qi
Erik Samson
Michael “The Badger” Dodge
Nicholas Kramer
Milt Clemons
Silas Aims
Mario Crane
Emilia Vivirias
Bai Yang Chen
Doris Powell
El Armadillo
Buckin Billy
Lula Exp
JW Byrne

That’s a hell of a list, and that’s only the more problematic dudes out there - there are plenty others who have less annoying traits to turn off if there are no better targets.

Add some Forget’s to your hucksters, and you can shut off just about any dude out there! Pretty awesome…


Wow that ability is absolutely nuts. I like the bonus if you can off them as well.

I’m not crazy on the art though, it looks like a shitty bandit hideout in between some mountain ranges. More of what I’d expect from some Sloaners on the run.

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Some of the PTers have said that this is also an example of how many of the factions were to get a shake up in play types, and that some of what will appear in this pine box won’t have the support originally intended from the subsequent cancelled saddle bags.

Looks like 4R was going to branch out of control and into agro.

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And if POST-A-TRON is any indication, Morgan was going to try their hand at bullying the Town Square.

Makes me wonder what kind of sweet gadget we’re missing out on from the rest of this set…

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Wow, interesting! Strong ability, but it also only works on one dude at a time and has to be booted. Still, very strong. Curious what little we’ll see of the brotherhood, expecting 2ish guys? Still, cool outfit! And I guess assumptions were correct, with the skull being fairly generic it was just going to be ‘the villain faction’.

Excited to see the other homes!

Not seeing where Post-a-tron is though? Anyone have a link?

ha, nice! :smiley:

As long as PTs took note and Pinnacle releases those cards/card-ideas in the future … ahem

ot: nice, new homes =)

Mechanically, good to see a faction go in a new direction. Helps avoid power creep too. Looks strong, bane of name smiley, hurts ejecting legendary holster decks too. Neutral shooters means this can hopefully be fun even if it only gets one pine box of support. :smiley:

Thematically, interesting to see a new driving force in the town - this brotherhood seems different from the fourth ring.

This just makes me even more disappointed that it has been canceled. :frowning:

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There’s no mention of the dude having to be booted - works on any dude who is adjacent! If you have Ambrose, you can potentially use the home twice, as well :smile:

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Yeah, really cool card. Interesting combination of passive effect (i.e. never know how helpful the trait nullification will be - could be awesome, could be blah) and aggro-reward. It looks like it has the potential to facilitate many different builds. Really wide open, methinks.

I have to second the art critique. Rather uninspiring. I mean FULL MOON BROTHERHOOD. That name is just begging for some badass art. Which this is not.

As for POST-A-TRON, um whaaaa?! Waiving the GR cost of inventing means… he’s free!!!

I don’t think he’s free, it’s just that you’ve already paid to put him into your starting posse, so you don’t have to pay again to invent him.


That is indeed the case, as confirmed by the comments here.

Ok, that makes me feel better. Still a great card. Like, really strong.

Full moon brotherhood will make it very difficult for dudes to avoid a shootout. If you have a call out affect, it is guaranteed to work. If FMB has dudes in town square it makes it extremely limiting what a dude affected by it can do if they want to avoid a shootout. If they move into town square they can get called out immediately and cannot refuse. If they boot to move somewhere, they cannot be moved by card affects, and so are stuck and can be called out.

The loss of trait is HUGE. (yes, I am screaming that). Are they playing Clementine Lepp for 2 influence control of a saloon that can’t be called out. now she’s 1 influence and can be called out. Jake, Karl Odett , and Fredd Aims become zero influence. Danny Wilde and Dr. Brian Foxworth lose their protection from call out. It turns to dust any decks strategy that revolves around a specific dudes traits. Want a home abilty that can eliminate a stud draw bonus, eliminate a hand rank bonus, eliminate a hand size bonus, turn a dude from a 4 stud to a 0 stud, turn a stud into a draw, turn a 3 influence into a 0 influence, shut down a dudes kungfu… Much of what your opponent will try to do can get disrupted in some part by this home.


I don’t get how it shuts down guys like Jake Smiley (other than that they can’t refuse callouts). His ability is only useful in the sundown phase, and this is a noon phase ability. Doesn’t the effect of the FMB action end with the noon phase?

The effect of Full Moon Brotherhood (like most other effects applied during Noon) ends at the end of the turn, so is still in effect at the start of Sundown when you check for victory conditions.

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TBH the fact that this card shuts down Jake is the ONLY thing I do not like about it.

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Glad you liked my spoiler guys :heart_eyes:

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