[Spoiler] Martyr's Cry

Looks like a spoiler went through on the facebook group from the Gomorra Gazette that wasn’t posted here.
Looks like it’s for the Foul Play saddlebag.


Dream come true!!!

OMG, the artwork is supercool!! Absolutely love the whole card, oMG!! <3<3<3


10/10 card, pity that the Q value miracle is not very good, but this card finally gives a perfect boost to a great value for blessed.

I don’t get the drooling over this card. Seems like a mediocre (and by mediocre I don’t mean bad, I mean mediocre) card on a bad slot for Blessed builds. How would you use this card?

I don’t get the drooling over this card. Seems like a mediocre (and by
mediocre I don’t mean bad, I mean mediocre) card on a bad slot for
Blessed builds. How would you use this card?

Shield of Faith and then just cheat in shootouts. Flight of the Lepus is the only thing that might annoy but if you go in with 4 dudes you should still get a payoff. You’re being reduced by 4 casualties so the other Cheatin’ Resolutions are unlikely to hurt and if your opponent has none then win-win.

I agree though, it’s not amazing but I think it’s a good card and could be very good off value now that It’s Now What You Know is less good due to Den of Thieves and Devil’s Joker.

Blessed decks have to pull high since they lack a solid blessed of 3 or higher. Your draw structure will need to be high so the queen value is important. The ability to reduce casualties with the miracles that reduce casualties combined with this opponent can do all their shootout shenanigans and you can live until the next round so you can trigger Abram exp. 1 or other abilities. It’s not an auto include but it helps a deck that needs support. Tossing a miracle that has already been used seems a good drawback. I like this card I am not wowed by it except for the art which is crazy good. Just my 2 cents.

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Bad slot for blessed? a Q? it is perfect for pulls!!! is not a bad value for any skill check…

A slight MOdification its a bad value for MCC science decks

Interesting, it’s sort of the anti Hex Slingin. Could work well in replacement of ‘No Turning Back’ for blessed deck, since discarding a spell is far more preferable to acing a voltron miracle worker, and allows you to run away instead of being forced to stay.
The reason I would want to put this in a deck is as a reasonable insurance policy. If Voltron Abram or Sister Gideon gets slammed with shootout actions, or resolution effects, discarding a miracle is far better than discarding or acing the dude, Then they run away to fight another day (or the same day if they get Rev’d.)

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While I would not say that Q is a bad value, Sooth is not really good and the law dogs dudes are either mediocre (abram) or bad (ebenezer).
It’s not the high value for pulls that matters here but the fact that Q is not what I would want to choose for my draw structure in that kind of deck. The high value makes it playable, but not automatically good, let alone perfect.

A slight modification on the other hand is on value with a lot of good cards and cards that really fit the deck a slight modification is good in.

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Happened prette frequently with the blessed deck that there were 5-7 miracles on the board but i was 90% sure the other guy had saved some devastating shootout actions (unprepared) on hand. Hiding in the shadows for all those valuable blesseds was really not easy to include.
So i feel this makes it much easier to go into shootouts without Lay on Hands already in position.

Also saves the whole posse until Abram can use his ability and has a much better value for pulls than holy roller (i usually want my blessed 0s to succeed consecration, which holy roller fails).

Also, the artwork and theme is extraordinary.

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This. Q is fine for pulls. It’s fairly lousy for building. You’ve got:
1.) Good actions.
2.) Average deeds.
3.) Bad dudes.
4.) Bad spells/goods.

When I’m choosing a value to run as a primary value, then I want better than that. I’ll go off-value for some of the actions and deeds (General Store, Testing Range) in the right decks because they are pretty good. But it’s not a value I want 16x of in a deck.

Well, if you’re only building 3x16, do you need an action that reduces casualties? You’re stacked to beat the opposition anyway.
Sounds like they designed it right, when preventing killer draw structures to also survive easily.

As blessed (or any item-focused deck) i feel like initiative is more important than a super tight draw structure, so you get to use at least one of your items before the opponent, since you lack the surprise effect.

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Bad enough dudes to save the president?


Thanks, now I’ve got stuck the image of Ebenezer and Abraham punching ninjas on top of a truck.


Is Ebenezer still sitting at his desk? He is in the mental picture I have of that. Also Abram’s fists are on fire.

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Sure, why not? Plenty of other 3x16 opposition out there that can still beat you in a stand-up fight.

But still if you’re not building 3x16 I circle back around to my previous argument that there are other and better off-value cards for most strats I can think of if you’re not building Q’s.

So you’re left with either:

  • Option A: You’re not building Q’s, and there are better options.
  • Option B: You’re building with Q’s…but why? They’re a bad value to build with.

I could see this as possibly a puzzle piece in a lose-to-win strategy, or something close to it, but it’s directly compete with TYWM so it seems Design doesn’t want it to work for that. Maybe a HLF combo? 6’s are a nice Blessed build.

I’m not hating on the card, but I’m not loving it either. If someone handed me a deck to play and this card was in it, I wouldn’t groan over the choice as being “n00bish” or anything, but it’s not really what I’d pick to build with.

However, it’s the first spoiler from a whole new SB. Maybe there’s more to come that works with it. I dunno.

You’re being way to harsh, IMO. Q is a great value to build around in general. The issue here being sothe, but like with Hexslinging and J value, it might get better with time.


It’s really not. Spades and hearts are just bad on Queens. Abram XP1 is easily the best dude on that slot and he’s average at best IMO. Actions are good-to-great and deeds are above average. Like I said, for a main value in a 3x16 deck it really needs to be better than that.

Heck, I have a hard time justifying building on 9’s sometimes just because its deeds and actions are generally sub-par (probably still better than spades and hearts on Q’s though). And 9’s has amazeballs dudes and hearts.