[SPOILER] Remaining cards of Nightmare at Noon

This was posted in the Doomtown Facebook group by someone who got it at GenCon. Don’t know if it’s cool to mention who posted it, because privacy. Apparently IOUF is also there, but not yet for sale.


I believe an errata-ed Bad Company is also in the pack.

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Ha! I like The Fabulous Mister Miss on flavor alone XD Nice to see more 4th Ring folks that aren’t strictly Evil Clowns or Sideshow Abominations. I mean, I’m sure He/She is part of the sideshow, just, you know, not monstrous.

Some interesting cards. Seems like a lot of cards boosting Morgan, being so gadget centric.

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Old Man McDroste looks like a freaking hero from league of legends.

Buried Treasure is awesome at so many levels…

Too Bad it has to compete with Unprepared and Too Much Attention. Also, it would have been nice to see this on value for DMH, but it’s a good card, no doubt.

If the card were and 8 of spades my head would have exploded. It has to compete with unprepared and too much attention only if you’re looking for the same thing, but if you plan winning your fights through hand ranks and not by shootout actions you start looking at Buried Treasure with new eyes.

You mean like, get rid of your off-value cards and get a legal 4-of-a-kind in three or four turns, after you reshuffle your deck and acing starts to matter?

Yes, exactly that, you can speed up the reshuffle by making pulls or ace even more cards via another effects.

Why isn’t Testing Range a core deed??!!

Also kinda sad that it doesn’t protect Elander from blowing dudes up =_=


Experienced Archer’s ability is great. But does a 4R player really want to go back to starting the non-experienced version?

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Sword of the Spirit is rather disappointing. As is the fact that we didn’t get another blessed in this set besides the Sister, was really hoping for another drifter.

I like Old Man McDroste a lot :slight_smile:

Was there only one law dog dude (the sister)?

I wonder what weapons are best attached to Jack O’Hara. Rapier seems like an easy way to give him 2 bullets if they aren’t equipping weapons.

Evanor and Legendary Holster.


Seems to be the case, though No Turning Back only had 1 4R and 1 Morgan dude, so this time its Law Dogs and Sloanes turn to only get 1 each.