SPOILER: Sentinel

New card previewed on Facebook.

Really solid miracle. It does so many things! (Is it just me, or are cards getting more toolkit-y?) The bullet bump, skill boost, and studliness are great. The optional movement is really good by itself. Then the CP ramp is like, really strong also. This last is nicely balanced by the ‘town square’ clause as well as the CP acquisition AFTER victory is checked. Makes it more interactive than, say, Showboating.

The value is also a nice touch.


Good to see some appreciation for the movement effect - if you put this in to play it might surprise your opponent and let you get to a dude/deeds that they thought was safe.

My favourite bits of this are the movement and CP gain, but I found the +1 bullet more useful than I expected in testing. It helped me target point blanks/avoid opposing point blanks and kept my 0 bullet Blessed safe from token dudes hitting them with Taking Ya With Me, as it boosts your bullet rating to above the 0 bullets tokens have when they hit discard. I like that different people are finding different things to like in this card - I’ve seen other people who are keener on the stud element and trying to make that work.


Man, this card seems like such a bomb. It has everything - good value, gives bullets, skill rating, studness, movement, and control points. Blessed needed a card like this and I’m super excited to see it in the game

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It certainly does a lot. I’ll be tempted to run a deck that buffs the hell out of dudes. This, Consecration, Holy Roller, Onward Christian Soldiers, & Sword of the Spirit (with a melee weapon) all give bullet buffs. Not sure what I would run value wise.

I won’t lie, the value disappointed me. I use father talarois with confession a lot.

I see this being just an all around nice card to play. It gives extra utility to any blessed dude who gets to become a Sentinel. I’m seriously going to look at making a 108 blessed rabbit fu with this. Jank deck will be Sentinel, Amazing Grace, Mayfair Family Deck, Puppet.

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And the artwork is gorgeous!

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The best part about Tolarios is that you can run one-of’s of important Miracles and still be guaranteed to get them out when you need them.


I would still want to run multiples of this though. Its probably going to be your way to win and you wouldn’t want an early TWHITM to kick it out of you.


With Tolarios I’ve even tried an early grab of For Such A Time As This to grab Rev Perry out of my deck. Keep the bounty flowing and with and 1-2 of these you’ll have a contstant ticking clock on the game, as long as you can survive.

It’s a good thing that The Sloane Gang don’t do Blessed particularly well because this works brilliantly with their usual game plan and is on one of their strong values.


50 Ghost Rock to the first person that makes a Sloan Blessed Sentinel deck using Prayer.

Actually… on the note of extreme jank, can I use Stoker’s Saber to reuse Sentinel and gain 2CP when I discard at the end of the day? The card reads “you may discard this spell after victory is checked TO give this Blessed a permanent control point” so would discarding the spell activate the “gain a CP” effect twice in a sort of “2 birds with 1 discard” scenario, or is there a weird timing restriction that would prevent the “second copy” of Sentinel’s effect from taking place because it is 1 discard = 1 CP?
I would love a Stoker’s Saber Sentinel deck if it worked right.


Good question Jack! Discarding is a requirement of gaining the Control Point, so unfortunately you’d only be able to gain 1 CP, but the Blessed would certainly be pretty beefy with that extra bullet and skill rating!

Not big on blessings more of Hexes kinda guy (and demonic circus freaks from hell) but I love the art and why is there an Eagle Warden Zombie??

Zombies recognize no factions. They are equal opportunity.


Okay why is there a Native American zombie??

I don’t think there’s been a story reason in any flavour text or fiction yet, and there may never be. I suspect they’ve just done it because it looks cool and provides variety. The Manitous and evil forces that create the walking dead will take bodies wherever they can get them and are happy to reanimate a dead gunslinger or Native American warrior.

I’d imagine Fourth Ring are remaining the main abomination faction (it’s a minor theme for 108 Righteous Bandits too) and I don’t think Eagle Wardens will be getting zombies.

We’ve not seen any Fourth Ring spoiled yet :confused: