Spoiler - The Blighted

Blight is Might?

Doomtown: Reloaded’s story is picking up pace and all hell is about to break loose in Gomorra. Ivor has been storing the sick and blighted in tunnels beneath the town and he’s just set them loose.

I’ve been excited to share this card for such a long time,the theme, the art and the ability itself are all amazing.

Ever since festering grasp and the related fiction from The Curtain Rises people have been itching to see Ivor’s Plague Zombies… so here they are in all their glory including Tommy Harden Exp (sorry, couldn’t resist)

So much good stuff with this card.

Let’s start with poor old Tommy. We haven’t heard much from everyone’s favourite 0 upkeep stud for quite a while. The last we heard from him, he was off to visit Ivor’s recovery tent due to a nasty cough. Schoolboy error Harden. Never trust the clowns. Alas poor Thomas is no longer himself.

Zombification! These guys are amazing. Any time a dude leaves is aced or discarded and not a casualty you get to bring a zombie in. Let’s get onto the immediate synergy with Festering Grasp. If you ace a guy with the Hex, not only do you get one of these guys for free from the Hex, but if you have an additional one in your discard pile you can use their ability to jump into play too. A bargain for only 2 GR. Other things you can do with zombies? Shotgun, Soul Blast, Arden Gilman becomes a Necromancer. So many options it’s crazy. Oh and let’s not forget anybody that doesn’t have their upkeep paid :slight_smile: These little zombies are going to be a staple in a lot of Abomination decks going forward, even ones that don’t run hexes.

10 Value: This is a great value for this card. Given the obvious synergy with Festering Grasp this really needed to be able to reliably hit the pull. If you were it run this out of Sanitorium to abuse all the upkeep and condition shenanigans you can easily cast Festering Grasp on 10s with that cheeky little +1 Huckster Skill from your outfit with any Huckster 2 (Cough Steele exp cough)

Oh, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how good a repeatable sidekick casualty can be :slight_smile: