[SPOILERS INCLUDED] Hyper-Aggressive LD Start

So, the spoiler of Somerset XP1 has left my mind literally reeling. There’s just so many possibilities with this, plus Burton.

Sure, you could be similarly aggressive with Somerset XP0 but (A) discarding during High Noon triggers the Jail and (B) the free Gunslinger token dude gives you a lot of extra options/cushion.

With Somerset + Burton you can guarantee that your first action of the game is an aggressive job to discard any of your opponent’s dudes that you want (marked with Burton’s bounty).

My first thought is to run Q-value NTB and TYWM to take advantage of that free Gunslinger. Sure, he can only TYWM on 0 Bullet dudes (unless you save him with LOH, but that will be tough so early) but that’s not nothing. With NTB he can save you from a disastrous hand and turn the Judge into a lead shooter in his own right.

I’m almost inclined to try to run a Flush/Straight Flush build of some kind and pack all the best shooting actions that I can: SIYE, Faster on the Draw, Pinned Down, Unprepared, etc. The Jail can then rack up CPs each turn towards a win condition while you’re discarding your opponent’s influence.

The obvious drawbacks to this approach are:

  • You’re putting a lot of eggs in one basket. If you lose Somerset you’re basically stalled out, though you could pack backup Kidnappin’s or something just in case. Even if you don’t lose him, he is 3 costly influence that will be locked-down for you each turn because he’ll either be (a) running his job or (b) probably booting to issue warrants to run his job next turn.

  • You’re going to need to run Somerset XP1, Burton, and the Jail at the least. That’s 11/2 cost already. I’d want to bring Tommy as he’ll make your Flushes stack up against cheatin’ Full Houses even when you don’t have Cheatin’ cards in hand to punish, which is solid. But then you’re sitting at 16/2 which only gives you 3 or 5 rock depending on lowball…better hope you see playable Turn 1 deed.

  • Opponents can actually square off against you in the job with the marked dude and then hope for a great hand, otherwise they can put out a terrible hand to ensure their dude is aced instead of discarded. No CPs for your Jail then :frowning:

I dunno, I’m just spitballing and rambling here but this concept has me excited.


There is already a deck like this, called SIlly Judge or Hangin’ Judge. Its weakest aspect was that you simply didn’t have enough bullets to draw something decent. Now you do.