State of Grifters

Let’s start another discussion. Now that every faction has received their grfiter, what are your thoughts on their available pool? Who do you think is under or overperfoming, and why? Who is your favourite grifter to play?

Speaking for myself, I’m still a Travis Moone user more often than not. You just can’t easily beat a 2-cost 2-draw warm body with a full mulligan.

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I’m huge fan of Benjamin. Card cycling and ghost rock boost is really huge thing.

I still play Travis over everyone else in 90% of decks.

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The thing with Benjamin that I think most people maybe don’t pay attention to, is that yes, he can save you money T1, but you still need to invest on dudes with upkeep you’ll need to maintain on later turns (unless you use him to save just 1 GR or something).

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Play more deeds in deck. Start with more strong posse that don’t need extra dudes to be dangerous.

Also lot of my games with nicodemus in 108 ends on first - second turn. (I ussually win them)

In my opinion Burton is the best faction grifter; ok numbers and an ability that synergizes well with The Arsenal, which is the outfit I usually employ when I play him. When not using The Arsenal, Travis is my grifter of choice.
On the other hand, the worst grifter for me is, undoubtedly, Aswell. Mad Scientist 0 which is too low for the gadgets I think are worth inventing, and an ability that is not guaranteed to succeed, and it doesn’t fetch gadgets! Why?! It doesn’t make sense to me.


Funtime Freddy - I usually use him as a cheap 2nd Stud (along w/ Tyx) and his conditional influence in Oddities. Also, booting Freddy doesn’t nerf his ability, freeing up the Paggys (aka Thing1 & Thing2) to put on a show in a TS shootout. I really haven’t used his tutor self-destruct that much. When I do, it is in some sort of Abom-cursion deck (Raising Hell, Soul Cage) and tutoring for a choice of Soul Blast or Ace in the Hole (e.g. thinning out 2 cards that can fail pulls).

Andrew Burton - Card Draw AND setting up early wanted hate? Yes, please. If I have the tech I need, I leave him unbooted to support the Judge to ‘take one for the team’.

Buuuuuuuut, my overall go to drifter is Gina. Yes, Gina. Figure a 5 card starting posse. Draw 5 cards. Now discard 1 to gain 2. That means in my opening hand, I am seeing 7 cards out of 47 in the deck. There is always something I can get rid of, and 2 shots to add to what I have. Also, I find Travis a ‘baby n bathwater’ solution. I run a lot of jank, which means moving parts. I’ll using have one piece of my puzzle in hand. Rather than risk all, some, or none, Gina lets me keep the good stuff, sh*tcan some chaff, and pull another piece I can use. Shake it, Gina, shake that money maker, as only you can :stuck_out_tongue:


Poor Fixer. =_= Howard at least got mentioned…

The Fixer posted this thread :-p.

Maybe he wants to lay low for a while until the heat dies down, ever think of that?


What kind of Fixer lays low until the heat dies down?? There’ll be nothing left to fix!

I think Ben is insane. He sets up kung fu decks as well, letting you toss something that you can combo into in exchange for maybe a more immediately helpful card.

Travis has won me way too many shootouts and possibly games to not name him my number one. But Andrew and Freddy are definitely worth their salt, too.

And I really hope we see some more in-faction grifters soon. They are a great way to diverse the themes of a single faction.

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The Morgan grifter sucks. I refuse to name him.

Burton, Travis and Freddy are the best IMHO.

I tend to not put any grifters in my starting posse. But Ben is great as a negative costed dude

Same here, when not using Burton with blessed (all i played recently, he’s so great there!..).
It’s really nice to be able to discard the joker in an otherwise good starting hand and even get one more card to choose from :slight_smile:

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I tried out Howard Aswell in my current Gadgetorium deck. After about ten games I’d used his ability once, so I’ve swapped him for Kyle for greater science consistency (to be fair, he did get me a ranch, but with that deck he isn’t really needed). I’m still not sure when you’d really want to use him over any of the other choices.

Travis is usually my go-to Grifter.

I use him in a straight flush hearts clubless deck that runs as few deeds as possible, and of those few 80% of them are ranches. It’s rare to get a deed in the opening hand, and by discarding 10 cards it’s a great pool to pick from. Most ranches provide considerable advantages like lots of gr, the ability to invent the Auto-feeder, and booting effects that generate income that can really get your economy going. With Specks you can then lay it down for cheap.

I really dislike that I have to reveal my entire hand plus the top 10 cards of my deck. That`s a huge disadvantage for not that much reward and seems overly punitive.

How i would rate them 1. Gina I like 2 cards instead of one mostly because of bad mulligans with Travis. 2. Travis besides the bad mulligans he is an aggressive disposable body. 3. The Fixer because when I play him I tutor for what my hand is missing and then discard him. 4. Deuces I like the ability to see my low-ball hand and I know what I am trading for. 5. Burton in my usage as placed that bounty and drew me a card. 6. Ben when I do the 108 I like the fast economy out of the gate, the only hiccup is you better have the dude to reduce upkeep or play a deed that first turn or your econ boost is gone. 5. While I like Freddy I rarely use him in the 4th ring even thou I a can recur him in many of different ways. 6. Howard poor Howard I just don’t have many things to say besides he doesn’t boot.

I think this post is a good illustration of what should be fixed on this forum :smile:

On topic, how does knowing your lowball hand help you in any way?

What is it that should be fixed on this forum?

Trash talking of course.

Hm. I assumed that the poster made a list but the forum put it all on the same line of text (dtdb and reddit do that, unless you leave an empty line between paragraphs). But looks like the forum has nothing to do with it, it’s just his personal style of writing lists =_=