Story questions - what was happening next to Mario, Full Moon etc

Well done to the story team on crafting an enjoyable story in both the flavour text and fictions. Thumbs up to the art direction for supporting this too.

In particular, thanks for keeping the body count high enough to create drama, make the villains credible threats and carry on the tradition of Doomtown:Classic!

Conscious that you may well be bound be non disclosure agreements, but if any story team members are able to shed light on any of the below it’s much appreciated (cross posted from another thread)! If not, can maybe kick some of this around with my fellow players.

"Agree on the design team, plus the story team was doing a fine job.

I was looking forward to finding out Jonah Essex’s plans, the truth behind the Full Moon Brotherhood, why Abram Groethe had left on a quest and the resolution of Mario Crane driving the Law Dogs underground. The town had never had a harrowed bandit gang leader causing havoc before!"


Having seen the final pdfs for the next three saddlebags that never went to print (through being on the playtest team for them), I assume there’s at least a story outline for the events that are depicted on those cards. It’s a pity it ended where it did as things looked like they were about to get really interesting and I’d also love to hear more about where the story was going.

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A combination of gratitude and envy at this reply. :wink:

Fingers crossed that the story guys get permission to talk about their longer term plans.

I can share a little bit. All depends on the questions asked. There are certain lines that AEG doesn’t want to cross in terms of revealing things, even if they are not going to happen now. And they are in the end in the best interest of the game and its legacy.

But I’m not going to say anything until the final pieces of fiction are posted (two more to go!). After that, if we want to put together a place to list and answer questions, I’d be game for that.


Splendid news! Look forward to the remaining fiction and the Q&A. :smiley:

Thanks for the very prompt reply. Appreciate that you won’t be able to give everything away as noted.

In case anyone is ever reading through these dusty old topics, the Q&A thread is here: