Story spoilers



Hmm… End of story arch indeed?!?


I like that art on the front of The Showstopper box. Ivor looks like he’s having fun as Gomorra burns down around him. I imagine Abram & his posse are going to ruin his day though… but at what cost?

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Agree it looks great!

I am wondering, if Ivor bites the bullet, who will take over the circus? I am thinking Avie Cline - or Kevin :smiley:

Hmm… Funny to see a faction taking a heavy hit like this relatively short time after the game started.

Thanks! It will be interesting to see how the story handles the Fourth Ring seemingly coming in to the open! Will the remnants of the faction go underground as a monstrous bunch? Or rebrand?

I think it’s good to have a dramatic denouement - it makes for an exciting conclusion to an arc and there’s only so long you can credibly keep the “hiding in plain sight” angle going without the other factions seeming incompetent. Bravo to the story team for taking the plunge.

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