[Story] - The Shootin' Life of Jessica Patchett


Guess where Sloane came from and how she got where she is now!
A great read giving us some much needed history on the Gang.


As someone who lives in La Rioja, I’ve smiled at the reference. Pretty good fic, anything developing more how the power structure of the Sloane Gang works makes me root for them more.

Great story! This confirmed a lot of things that have been heavily implied up to this point.

Really awesome story. Sloane is easy one of my favourite characters and that gave a nice insight into her actions and motives.

Glad we finally got some confirmation for some theories about Sloane.

Wanna give huge shout-outs to Brett Sakowiak for editing this piece when I couldn’t, due to physical and/or mental infirmity (Seriously – the other day I had to get an X-ray to make sure I hadn’t cracked a rib from coughing so bad. Luckily, it’s just a sprained muscle).

He’s a fantastic editor and collaborator and none of my stories would be nearly as good without his influence.


Well said and get well soon! Lots of people had been waiting to find out more about Sloane. Now I’m looking forward to finding out what Jonah Essex was up to with those tumbleweeds.