Story Update! The Alignment

The story is moving again, and it’s a good one!

The Blighted descend on the orphanage…

Good to see the story updates back with such a strong, dramatic piece! Hope the body count ends up as high as classic, reinforces the sense of danger and sacrifice.

Does anyone know if this story ( The Alignment) comes before or after the story that comes with A Grand Entrance. Our local comic book shop still hasn’t got the expansion in, and i’d like to read them in order. Thanks!

A lot of stuff appears to be happening simultaneously in gomorra. We’re getting snapshots of different posses and parts of town reacting to the big kaboom. A Grand Entrance story should probably be read first, but there are no great give-aways in The Alignment as far as I can tell. But I’m not a lore guru.

FWIW, The Alignment was originally slotted as the SB11 companion web piece. Things got hectic in real life for the Story Team, hence the delay in publication. Expect a number of ‘catch up’ pieces and previews.

It’s not a “catch-up” piece. It is the next piece in order.

Generally speaking, the order of fictions should go like this …

  1. Preview Fictions (in order of release)
  2. Rulebook Fiction
  3. Accompanying Web Piece

Based on this, most sets include six fiction pieces, which is how the DT:R Story archives are laid out as well.

However, there is a lot going on right now that is pretty much simultaneous. As we’re approaching the climax of the story arc, time is slowing down a bit, so that there is actually very little time that elapses in between The Curtain Rises and The Showstopper … but that doesn’t mean that order is totally irrelevant either.

As for the particular question, yes, A Grand Entrance is supposed to come first … however, in this case, you aren’t missing anything by reading The Alignment first.


Bravo to the story team on both a micro and a macro level.

Micro - the recent stories are lively and convey a sense of danger via character deaths. Keeping the pace up, getting lots of named characters involved and well written.

Macro - I think the overall timing of the circus reveal was spot on. Not too long a wait but enough time for a good buildup. It looks like the overall story will be left in a good place.

I hope there’s a chance for a closing q&a with the story team/designers, but understand if NDAs prevents this. I’m keen to learn what Jonah Essex’a game was!


There’s always a chance …

I’d have to check with AEG to see, but I can’t imagine it’d be a problem.


Thanks for checking Balder! Please let us know the results either way, could be a fun way to wrap things up. :smiley:

Are you still missing the Grand Entrance story?

Just so everyone knows: There are about four new stories up on the official site since The Alignment.

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