Strategy guides?

Are there any? I’m finding it a struggle to get better at the game, especially as I’m not able to play very often. Are there any articles floating about on how to git gud? these posts tend to have good strategy articles, discussions, and deck lists with explanation of the deck functions.

also, reddit has a somewhat active subreddit. Reddit - Dive into anything. and they often get questions by new players answered.

AEG has some basic strategy guides in their articles.


A lot of your strategy will depend on what sort of deck you’re playing as well. I’m sure I’ve seen a discussion thread with some good general tips for beginners somewhere online, but I can’t recall where and there’s a high chance it’s buried in the depths of the Doomtown Facebook group.

I could try writing something up, but I’m probably not going to have the time to do anything extensive before the weekend.


Thank you both!

@Doomdog if you’re genuinely willing to to write one I’m not going to complain about how quickly you do it XD

You’ll definitely find a lot of information if you poke around the sites Jayjester mentioned. Here are a few other items that I like:

Our very own Mplain has a blog that has some interesting articles.

Additionally, there is the Booted Dudes podcast. Of particular interest should be episode 8 where they talk with Willingdone about deck building strategies. If you haven’t discovered Willingdone’s youtube channel, he has a few key strategy videos. Mainly he reviews all the cards in each release.


I do a series on “how to beat” that should be in the articles section. They are designed to help players deal with meta defining “problem” decks. If there’s anything specific you want to know about inbox me your request and I’ll see what I can do.


I’ve also found that some of the tournament write ups, both here and on, has some very useful tips and hindsight in them. Especially some of the winner decks, like Hammonds Marshall history, tells a lot about that decks strategy.
But all in all I guess play experience will always be the best (which is also why so many of the playtesters also do good in turnees IMO, but that’s another discussion :wink:)

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Lots of good suggestions covered by others already.

Some other things that are hopefully helpful: - videos of tournament play with insightful commentary from AdmiralGT

Lots of tournament decks with reports and commentary are available at An easy starting place is searching for decks with “Sheriff” in the title or looking for one with the green star indicating a high placing at a deputy/sheriff/organised play event. The commentary from the person uploading the deck and the commentary is another interesting guide to strategy for piloting/countering certain decks.
Below is a good example of a fellow poster’s deck that proved effective against the popular Paralysis Mark/Blood Curse control decks.

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He’s a dodgy one that Whizzwang fella :smile:

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I hear terrible things. :wink:

Despite the ghastly rumours, that decklist has some interesting thoughts on the anti control strategy employed (and clearly executed successfully!) plus some lively discussion in the comments below.

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