STREAMING. OCTGN league semi final Khudzlin vs Prodigy, part 1 (?)

Ok, so I am making last attempt on convincing people to play dtr online. In the next few days I am going to record some games and will post the links here. Quite possibly I am going to record second tutorial, this time from my pov.

EDITED: The links for the games in the title of the thread should be somewhere at the bottom of this thread.


I’d be very interested in finding an OCTGN mentor for Doomtown. I’m very new to the game and have no playgroup. I’ve only played a handful of games using decks that I pulled from DoomtownDB. If some kind soul out there is willing, I would love to be taken by the hand and taught the game on OCTGN. I live in Seattle, so US Pacific Time Zone.

I appreciate it. I can’t play online because my computer just can’t handle OCTGN, but I enjoy watching videos that are posted.

I know several of us would be willing to do that. I can be on between 6pm - 9pm your time most weeknights, and randomly on the weekends. Feel free to PM me and we can set something up.

I’d love to spar for some streamed games, but I’m afraid I’m out of the loop with OCTGN and the current meta. Nevertheless great initiative, I’m hoping to see some games soon(specially now that our local game store has a tv and we can stream games and stuff)

This is a link to my discord channel: Doomtown, we use it for arranging games etc. For those who do not know Discord is a chat + voice communication in one.
BTW spectating the games is a great way of learning the rules and strategy. DTR is a quite complex game and I remember that spectating games helped me a lot at the beginning.

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I previously used OCTGN when I played Netrunner, but only a bit. I went ahead and re-downloaded the program as well as the Doomtown Reloaded scripts. Are there image packs or anything like that for the game?

There is an images downlader you can google, I am now on my phone and I cannot fin it. It has one bug, it downloads non xp versions of xp dudes, so those you can download from dtdb and then replace.

I will assist, sending a message Vimes

Here is the link to the first two games I recorded after very long break: Twitch
4th control and then Stables against WD Rabbit Fu
The quality of the sound isn’t the best, I had small problems with Discord chat and my Mic isn’t the best ( I hate the sound of my voice when I hear it whenever I check the quality of the recorded video).

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Much appreciated!

One more video can be found on a channel , also if everything works out I am going to stream first league’s semi final later today.

Game one of the league semi final, shows how ridiculus IVOR XP can be in the right deck, Csont vs Mplain Oddities mirror:

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Ivor T2 in an oddities mirror is a beast, ofc. But OTOH, mplain didn’t have a great hand either and I think played more aggressively than he should have, given the threats on the board. I would have turtled up a bit more and waited for a better fighting opportunity.

Tbf I had very similar experiences playing against Ivor myself when I didn’t use Oddities, Ivor XP was equally powerful on turn two, or three. And I guess it is the truth for other players as mplain and csonti finished in the top 4 of the league :).
Hopefully I will be able to stream the remaining games of this match up and the other semi final, but it might be impossible to arrange.
The other semi final is going to be WD mirror between Prodigy and Khudzlin, who play two very original and fsntastic decks.
I wish I had someone to help me with commentary as it is extreamly hard to do on your own and I do not feel too comfortable to do it. Also before the game I was considering whether it would be more entertaining tfor viewers to see playing hands or not and then I forgotten to ask players what they think about it before the game. Then I decided to go with this and I think it could have been a bad decision as I didn’t have enough information about the game and I started guessing plays.

Lemme know when the next one is planned and maybe I can co-cast with you.

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Thank you for all your hard work putting this together swider. I think you are right, having players hands visible would give commentators more to talk about and would allow spectators to consider possible lines.

If you are having tryouts for co-commentators, I would like to audition :slight_smile:

Also, I am really looking forward to that Prodigy/Khudzlin match up. Very happy to be on the sidelines for that one…

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Thanks. To be honest I do not like streaming that much, but I love playing doomtown online, this is why from time to time we make coordinated attempt to attract some dtr players to join our small community.

Hopefully I will be able to record more ( hopefully interesting) games in the comming weeks and will keep you guys updated.

Btw I am also looking forward to the other match and I am curious how this one will end. Guys decided to play BO3.

Also play hands will be visible next time unless someone would not agree on it, I am streaming with 10 minutes delay so there shouldn’t be problem.


Semi final between csonti and mplain, part two: Twitch, DB0 helps me with commentary.

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Just as a heads up, Khudz and I are potentially going to try for this coming Sunday for our game. Waiting to hear back about a specific time, but likely early afternoon US-time.

With the time difference, I’m guessing we’ll only be able to do 1 game.