Sunsets Are the First Step Towards Tomorrow

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Denizens of Gomorra,

We at the Gazette feel the same heavy hearted disappointment as you. Gomorra has long been our second home, and we are saddened by today’s announcement. Rest assured - we aren’t going anywhere. There are likely more announcements to come, but for the time being know that we’re already working on what will be our continued efforts to serve Gomorra. What do I mean by that? Gomorra isn’t just a fictional town. Gomorra is every member of this community, from the casual player to the Marshal. Newbies just driftin’ into town to the grizzled veterans of the original classic Deadlands: Doomtown. Every single player makes up the population of our shit hole town. Gomorra is the best community in gaming and Doomtown is our game. To that extent, we are currently working behind the curtains. I’m honored to have been a part of this community and now I’m honored to be able to be there on Day 0 of what comes next. Keep your eyes peeled, your saddles ready, guns loaded, and spells ready to cast. Don’t worry, we aren’t riding into the sunset just yet. For now join us as we enjoy the last few surprises that Doomtown: Reloaded has to offer. Come join the Gazette at GenCon as we send Reloaded off with a bang. Sincerely,
The Staff

Alex’s Note:

I want to get a little personal here. The past couple of years have been amazing. AEG gave me a peek into a world that I’d only dreamed of. I got to interview designers, writers, and creators of worlds that have long been important to me. Through Reloaded I have made life long friends and memories. It’s been a truly unique and exciting experience. To those friends, this community, and AEG - Thank you. I am humbled by you and honored to have been able to spend this time with you. I look forward to sharing more of our continued journey through Gomorra.

Alexis Mirges, Ace Reporter


Absolutely! It was the game that drew me in, but it was definitely the community that kept me here.

To be honest, I’m more excited for what will come from the unofficial side of things than anything else. There were always whispers and rumors about AEG’s lackluster support for the game, so I’m very excited to see what comes when this awesome community unleashes it’s full creativity!