Tabletop Simulator mod

Hey everyone,

I know it’s not OCTGN but I didn’t know where else to put this. As the existing mods are all years out of date, I’ve created an updated mod for TTS that has all existing cards including HCWM. It’s called Downtown Complete on the workshop, and I hope to be adding some scripting for some basic game automation soon.


great work, thanks - will TTS run native on the web/browser or on a Mac?

It’s a stand alone application, but it is supported on Mac and Linux as well as Windows. I took down the mod today because I found some packs were missing. I am going to get it back up tomorrow, and then Blargg has a module he wrote a while back that is much fancier (like it has a built in deck builder) and I am working on getting it updated. Once I have the kinks on that one worked out, I’ll replace my current mod with that one.


Ok, I’ve re-enabled the mod and it is current with all expansions.Over time I will be adding features, including some game automation and such. I’ll be stealing more of the work Blargg did on the mod that is listed in the discord server and updating it to work with everything.

Ah! That explains why I couldn’t find it :wink:

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