Tales from the Epitaph spoiler compilation

“Looks more like baroque to me.”

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108 dude is up on the Pine Box Facebook page. To be on the lookout to fill out the rest of this list:
-Deed: will be presented by PEG in a weekly update
-Deed: will be presented by PBE in an upcoming article
-Drifter: expect to see on or before the 18th Kickstarter launch date!
That would conclude the first 24 cards in the continuation of Doomtown! :slight_smile:


All the first 24 cards are now up on There Comes a Reckoning · DoomtownDB
Thank you Blargg!

In other news, TCAR will actually be 48 cards IF all stretch goals are meet! These cards will be revealed upon each stretch goal hit. It has also been told to us that the cards WILL be legal BEFORE cards are shipped (at a yet to be announced date) by using color print out copies from a PDF.


There’s a visual spoiler and a countdown on the Pinebox website, including one of the extra cards “Behold White Bull” (there are an additional 24 cards that will be stretch goals in the Kickstarter).



BWB - is a wonderful KF finisher. It’s also my favorite piece of DTR art from Jonny Hinkle and Raciel Silva.
Action and Humor in one great package :smiley: