Tales from the Epitaph spoiler compilation

Tales from the Epitaph

  1. Darius Hellstromme (Legend) - (https://www.peginc.com/choosing-doomtown-reloaded-at-gencon-2017/)
  2. Ezekiah Grimme (Legend) - (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10159000679665385&set=gm.10155314736281181&type=3)
  3. Jasper Stone (Legend) - (https://www.facebook.com/pineboxentertainment/photos/a.633770836831376.1073741828.549923695216091/671790416362751/?type=3)
  4. Raven (Legend) -(https://www.facebook.com/613463795435806/photos/a.614046235377562.1073741828.613463795435806/1338961459552699/?type=3)
  5. (108 Dude)
  6. Qs - Fears No Owls (EW) (http://rndranch.weebly.com/doomtown/today-is-a-good-day)
  7. 7s - Zeb Whateley-Dupont (4R) (https://www.facebook.com/pineboxentertainment/posts/664893967052396)
  8. (?) As- Stewart Davidson (LD) (https://www.facebook.com/pineboxentertainment/posts/642134415995018)
  9. (?) 10s - Prof. Aloysius Roe (MCC) (https://www.iqgaming.co.uk/blog/doomtown-reloaded-tales-epitaph-spoiler-alert)
  10. (?) Qs - Morgan Lash (SG) (See Stewart Davidson)
  11. (Drifter?)
  12. (Drifter?/Deed?)
  13. 6d - Buffalo Emporium (https://mobjusticeblog.wordpress.com/2017/07/03/card-preview-buffalo-emporium/)
  14. Jd - Hellstromme Plant #9 (http://pineboxentertainment.com/2017/04/15/hellstrommes-journal-2-the-pine-box-rules-team/)
  15. (Deed?/Goods?)
  16. Devils Six Gun (http://pineboxentertainment.com/2017/06/12/doomtown-reloaded-in-summer-2017/)
  17. Kh - Cavalry Escort (http://kolatinformant.com/2017/04/tales-from-the-epitaph-exclusive-preview-cavalry-escort/)
  18. 4h - Nightmare Realm (https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/19399926_693797320828727_1279341734269080803_n.jpg?oh=00b4fb0553edab0df3c910aa67ef2182&oe=59E88DE5)
  19. 5h - Sentinel (https://www.facebook.com/Doomtown-Reloaded-613463795435806/)
  20. 9h - Remedy (http://forums.pineboxentertainment.com/t/epitaph-comes-to-octgn-and-spoiler/1803)
  21. 7c - Grim Servant o’ Death (http://gomorragazette.com/node/11)
  22. 8c - You Had ONE Job! (http://gomorragazette.com/node/13)
    23.Jc - Shan Fan Showdown! (http://pineboxentertainment.com/2017/06/01/doomtown-reloaded-and-the-player-environment/)
  23. Kc - The Winning Agenda (http://pineboxentertainment.com/2017/05/16/hellstrommes-journal-3-name-a-card-prizes-and-organized-play/)


First Kickstarter details (July campaign): https://www.peginc.com/kickstarting-doomtown-reloaded-out-o-the-pinebox/(edited)

Special thanks to Blargg, he made and maintained this list list!

  1. missing




It has been noted by the design team that this will be changed to buff blessed skill rating, not a blanket skill rating buff.

Again, thank you Blargg for helping me keep this updated!


Great work. I’ll try to frequently link to this when I post to various social media sites - people have noted their appreciation in the past when I did much more modest compilations. It was easy for the less hardcore to miss a spoiler or two - now everything will be in one place thanks to your/@Blargg’s hard work. :+1:

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This is awesome! I can verify GSoD is #21

Upddated a with The Winning Agenda, and Shan fan Showdown.


Updated Devil’s Six Gun.
Also, Raven is another servitor, but currently only have 1/3 of the card.

R(aven) If you are the… Stud penalty if… Opposing posse… point durring S(hootout)… or more in tow(n) [?square]… compare…
Noon, Boot:… Your shooter h(as)… there. The Ne(?xt?)… there or if yo(u[?r?])… and do not o(??)… perman(ent)… not alr(eady)…


AWWWWW CRAP. He wasn’t supposed to be in that picture.


Just think of @jayjester as Puttin’ The Pieces Together :wink:

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He’s only a third spoiled. It’s still good.

Quickly backtrack and release him in three parts!


Can we get an update to the list? Also, looks like we’re still waiting for a kung fu dude, blessed dude, and a technique…


Major update with cards spoiled in the last couple weeks.
Also check out Epitaph Spoilers - The R&D Ranch They have some great commentary on the cards, and a different layout if you find it easier to read.


Hum, I love the spoilers so far but oh boy the art style is all over the place.

I think all of the art is repurposed from some other Deadlands resource or leftover from AEG’s production? Unsure which is new.

The art in the game hasn’t always been consistent. “Framed” is very cartoony while Nico, Rafi, and Max Baine are all much more gradually shaded on their individual cards.

If we have to trade art reuse for actual cardboard, small price to pay.


Agreed, Doomtown Reloaded and Classic have always had a pretty eclectic mix of art.

However, the Dudes and deeds are normally well chosen and more serious pieces which I think strikes the right tone. Actions can be a bit sillier/done in a different style as they’re not on the table all the time. Even the Base set had a few odd pieces - Clyde Owens looks like a totally different species to every other dude in the game. :wink:

I really like most of the pieces we’ve seen for Epitaph and there are lots more striking pieces to come. Those responsible at Pinebox and beyond (not me!) did a great job on selecting art.


@Ahzrab - glad you’re enjoying the spoilers revealed so far.
@Blargg - Correct - the art is a mix of Deadlands RPG art and from AEG’s production.

This is intentional - PEG specifically tasked PBE with ‘bringing the world of Deadlands to Doomtown: Reloaded’.

  1. DT:R’s shining a light on iconic artworks, characters, and settings is part of the Deadlands 20th anniversary year/celebration.
  2. This serves notice that Doomtown now occupies a canonical role and interacts with the larger world of Deadlands, its characters, locations, and accoutrements.

BTW - in terms of ‘consistent look and feel,’ we are DELIGHTED to bring the Servitors of the Reckoners to Doomtown via reproducing the amazing cover artwork of DanieL Rudnicki.


An interesting note is that the card You Had ONE Job! appears to feature a Mauser C96 which is the gun the DL-44 blaster is modeled after, also know as Han Solo’s blaster. This gun didn’t see production until 1896. Before this, to the best of my knowledge, all prior Mauser guns were full rifles, though were in production as far back as 1870.


Good spot! Those crafty mad scientists are obviously doing a fine job, or perhaps the development of mad-science auto-revolvers and Gatling shotguns is forcing conventional science to accelerate at a faster pace? :wink:


No complaints, here. The Deadlands setting is way more interesting than just what’s going on in and around Gomorra (but I sure will miss it if we never hear from the town again).


At some point I would love to explore going back if we have the opportunity to Experience the Caretaker and incorporate the story into what occurs in The Flood. Moving to 1883, there’s also an accompanying adventure to Good Intentions involving the Collegium.

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Indeed - I like that some of the flavour text has quotes from Doomtown Reloaded dudes, and there may even be some cards coming that have flavour interactions between Doomtown dudes and famous Deadlands characters! This is a good way to integrate Doomtown in to the broader story.

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You may even see flavor text of a Classic character interacting with a Reloaded one :slight_smile: