TCaR OP promos' reprints numeration

Could someone help me to sort my cards. I have some promos that were printed by AEG and then reprinted by PBE (in TCAR kickstarter) but they have different OP numbers. Which OP numbers are from AEG and which from TCaR/PBE?

Pony Express OP1 / OP2
Carter’s Bounties OP3 / OP6
Circle m Ranch OP2 / OP4
Pistol Whip OP1 / OP6
The Stakes Just Rose OP3 / OP4
One Good Turn OP5 / OP6

Shared on Discord but should be first number original second number TCaR reprint

AEG Kits got those cards in:

Pistol Whip OP Kit 1
Pony Express OP Kit 1
Circle M Ranch OP Kit 2
Stakes Just Rose OP Kit 2

One Good Turn… Deputy Event Kit 2015
Carter’s Bounties Deputy Event Kit 2015

So The Stakes Just Rose and Carter Bounties both shouldnt have same OP 3 during AEG era.

Patrick in FB group got a photo of TCaR reprints with their OP numbers:

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
10 11 15 23 25

So AEG numbers of those are:

2 4 6 3
1 5 7 8
10 11 15 23 25

Don’t want to start new topic, but could someone also help me to confirm a printed OP numbers on following promo/alt-art cards. They have to be originals from AEG OP / Sheriff / Deputy kits:

Teleportation Device
Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton
Walk The Path
Fancy New Hat
A Fight They’ll Never Forget
(Clown version) Jake Smiley
Baird’s Build and Loan
Pettigrew’s Pawnshop

I think these are all AEG OP numbers. From cards in my collection:

Teleportation Device - OP14
Mustang - OP13
Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton - OP30
Walk The Path - OP29
Fancy New Hat - OP28
A Fight They’ll Never Forget - OP22
(Clown version) Jake Smiley - OP24
Baird’s Build and Loan - OP23
Pettigrew’s Pawnshop - OP26

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So AEG messed up and some cards from Deputy Event Kit 2016 and OP Kit 7 have same numbers:

OP 23 This’ll Hurt In The Morning - OP Kit 7
OP 23 Baird’s Build and Loan - Deputy Kit 2016
OP 24 Jackson’s Strike - OP Kit 7
OP 24 Clown Jake Smiley - Deputy Kit 2016