TCR New Fiction - No Funny Business

Here’s the latest happenings in Gomorra. Looks like I was right about Gang Yi’s chances of making it out of that tent in one piece, and he’s not the only one things don’t go well for…


Thanks for flagging the new story!

Glad to see the body count staying high - reinforces the sense of danger and stops the town eventually becoming bizarrely over populated with named characters.

Gang Yi’s high value at least protected him from the Festering Grasp. :cry:

Now intoducing: The flying Halfpescu


Surely the most eagerly anticipated “Experienced” card yet?

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I’m wondering if it’s possible to find The Curtain Rises fiction online somewhere?
The Doomtown Archives haven’t been updated with the fictions since April 6th.

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@platypus handles that on a volunteer basis.

I don’t know if I missed something from previous cards/stories, but it was cool to me finding out Deborah was blind. I’m probably just clueless. My prediction is that ‘backup’ will turn out to be Sloan. Some discussion is happening on what will happen to 4th ring faction in game. I doubt they will drop the faction, but what then. I or either goes down, or all of Gomorrah will. Who will be the new ring leader? Will the town really want to keep the circus around?

My 2 bits is on Avie Cline taking over the Circus. She is a perfectly respectable and scarily effective young woman…


I like this idea

“She is a perfectly respectable, scary, and effective young woman…” FTFY

Would like avie to be the new leader as well. Go back a bit to oddities of nature freak show. A place for all the misshapen and those who were unfortunate enough to die, but didn’t cease to exist. A place of refuge for those society rejects.

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Okay, fine, I’m clueless and need things spelled out for me. In my defense it doesn’t actually say she’s blind, just heavily implied. I never caught the exact meaning until now.

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Actually, I think they used Blood Curse or something else on him first…as I’m fairly certain that he was the sidekick who took the casualty that Abram + Evanor was going to deal out to Hawley.

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In all fairness, the walking stick gets kind of lost in the art cut-off as well. :confused:

The fact her eyes are completely white is a big clue.