TCR New Fiction & Spoiler - Rites of the Smoking Mirror

The fiction links in to Tlaloc’s Furies from a previous expansion too, good to see.

Seems to confirm that while Nicodemus might be opposed to the 4th Ring, he’s still got dark plans.

A strong debut piece from a new writer.

The card offers unbooting potential, which is always welcome and has the mystical keyword, which some cards key off. The attached Mystical good entering play booted perhaps surggests further mystical goods shenanigans to come in this/future sets.


Also introducing Jonny Talala Hinkle and Raciel Silva’s art to Gomorra. Their upcoming pieces touch upon the macabre humor that make Doomtown so great, as well as a couple of stunning action pieces.


The Noon/Shootout ability is neat. Unbooting a dude during a shootout can be useful but I’m a lot more interested in the Noon usage. Leave a dude at home with this attached, run around town with a dude using whichever mystical good takes your fancy taking control of their deeds. When they give chase you’re free to run home, discard the map to unboot, and go stroll through town again.

Also I think you could have a pretty cool 2 + 10 deck with Q as an off value. Rites of the Smoking Mirror + Doyle’s Hoyles + It’s Not What You Know to make very strong shootout hands.

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