Teaching decks

A couple of my friends potentially want to start playing, despite my enthusiasm for the game their not convinced, not to be defeated I’m meeting them tonight to teach them and get them into playing, apart from the core set suggested decks and mystic pickles on dtdb ones is their any updated ones?
Thank you.

The story inserts in Faith & Fear, Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force and The Light Shineth all have suggested decks that use the new homes from their respective boxes. Don’t think we have any for the homes that were released in Foul Play though.

I’m not aware of any teaching decks that have been built utilising cards beyond the core set, but there might be some out there somewhere.

If you use mysticpickles i would suggest you let them play Sloane.
After 4-5 times teaching new people with them i felt the law dogs deck just can’t compete in a stand up fight…
If they win with their gangsters it doesnt matter though :smiley:

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