Techno Slide

A new deck from Jester industries. We pride ourselves in making your opponent go, WTF!

techno slide

Morgan Gadgetorium (Faith and Fear)

Dude (13)

Deed (24)

Goods (15)

Cards up to Foul Play

Decklist published on DoomtownDB.

The pieces of the puzzle have started coming together. I present, the techno slide.

Landslide, you’ve seen them before, but not with technology. This deck of course does not shoot, but It is possible to pull a straight flush. Starting crew also includes Marty. Trade Marty to Specks, plays ranches and out of town deeds for 3 less, can unboot like crazy with home ability, marty, and after you play the currency press.

Currency press gets traded to Eustace, who discards it to move, and draw cards. Xemo cycles cards you don’t want at the moment, and gives influence, for free! Asyncoil + Mech Horse threatens low value dudes with influence hanging on your deeds, often scaring them home. Miasmatic Purifier should come in only for late game push for control points. Force fields offer some protection, or can go on the offensive if you have ghost rock burning a hole in your pocket, and have a dude you are willing to discard if need be (or Dr. Brian) Don’t forget to use R&D Ranch and Secured Stockyard as often as you can.

Dream combo, J.W. Byrnes + Elander Boldman + Asyncil Byrnes would discard dudes value 7 or lower.