[TftE Spoiler] - Cavalry Escort



Apparently this is a Name a Card prize from one of the Outlaw winners.
Interesting flavour text! F1 Burch?

Seems really handy being able to boot in before casualties and then assign one to this horse.


Win to Win!

As a few people have pointed out on Facebook, the “Reacts cannot increase casualties this round.” part only affects Takin’ Ya With Me and Hot Lead Flyin’ as of the current set.
I hope this means TftE will include a few more murderous reacts with it. Perhaps a certain someone who loves murdering people and literally works for Death. Only time will tell.

Thanks for the link.

Useful for opening up new deck possibilities as it is a K value horse with “Sidekick” - the first for both keywords on this value I think. In decks where I’m playing K but not playing skilled dudes this will offer an interesting choice compared to Fancy New Hat - this is a little more expensive but provides janky movement, sidekick protection and a horse while Fancy New Hat is good for keeping you in the game.

In some matches it can even be handy to bring a booted dude in to a shootout at a deed so he can control it while your unbooted dude moves to cover other control points/income sources.

I think you can move in with this even if you’ve suffered zero casualties, increasing the scenarios it can be used in.

Or some weird jank involving Diable en Boite. :wink:

It can definitely be used for this purpose. “Before you assign casualties” is a timing window that you can react to even if you’re taking 0 casualties that round, since you’d be at the stage just before you’d have to assign casualties based on that #.

The react can also be used in response to your opponent making you take an additional casualty via TYWM.


Sidekick horse seems really handy. Could be great for getting a low influence harrowed dude into a fight to soak up a bunch of casualties. Love this exploration of the design space.


So far Arnold McCadish + Harrowed Rider seems like the best idea for this.
“Oh no, I need to take 2 casualties. Better send in Avie to tank them and come back home booted.”

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