[TftE Spoiler] - Zeb Whateley-Dupont

A fabulous new preview:

I really like this card, excellent art and supports a more aggressive 4R, particularly Full Moon Brotherhood with his excellent trait.

Plus he’s the first 4R Huckster since Bad Medicine. :slight_smile:

I think you can fit him in to a decent starting posse: him, Valeria, Arnold, Ambrose and a bullet catcher is only 16GR and effectively 4 Influence with two studs, two Hucksters. Both FMB and the original 4R home would start with 3GR and have two net income.


He’s the only non gadget dude in the whole of gomorra who has worked out that you shouldn’t look directly at the sun .


This is the second card attacking a zombie… Is that Deadlands novel where Ghost Rock is revealed to have unnatural properties canon to Deadlands setting or just a book? I feel like it was about a Zombie Apocalypse…

There are a lot of Walkin’ Dead around in the Weird West, and they feature quite often in the RPG artwork. Ghost Rock is a weird supernatural substance that fuels a lot of the goings-on in the Deadlands setting (often literally!). Are you talking about the Ghostwalkers novel? I read that not too long ago and found it an enjoyable read. I’m currently midway through Thunder Moon Rising which I’m liking even more and to me does a very good job of capturing the feeling of the Deadlands setting.

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I really like when non-King dudes have “If your outfit is X” as part of their ability. Makes them seem more important and committed to their faction despite having no influence (Zachary Deloria is a good example).
Also for anyone who hasn’t figured out why Zeb is restricted to 4th Ring, Zeb + Dave “Slim” Gorman would be crazy powerful. You can still run the combo, but playing “Slim” off faction will cost you 3 upkeep so maybe hold off on that.