Thar Be Ghosts In Dem Darn Hills! (Fan Cards)

Ghost Town was a let down to obscene amounts due to only one ghost Dude! The hell?? Well here is my (probably poorly managed I suck at balancing) expectations from Ghost Town as rough drafts.

Dude Keyword introduced: Ghost: This dude can’t be aced if you lost a Shootout, if no dude can be aced send this home booted. (can be aced other ways)

All Ghosts cards have Possessed: Do x when this is a Condition.

New Deed Subtype: Haunted: When this enters play search your deck discard or Boot Hill for a Ghost dude and attach it to this as a permanent Condition.

Ghosts can only be removed from Deeds by cards with Cleanse keyword.

Mini Faction Outfit: Boot Hill 18 starting +3 upkeep. When a Ghost Dude you control is aced check a card if it is higher then that dude’s grit return it to your deck’s bottom. (Logo is a gravestone)

Sample Deed: Jack’s General Goods. 4 cost 2 upkeep 0 Control Haunted: If this is Possessed it has 2 Control. If there is an opposing dude here if this is Possesed when they shop (regardless where card player is shopping for) check a card if your card is higher then that good then discard that good.

“Didn’t you just-?”

3 of Spades David Welsh Ghost 5 cost 2 upkeep. 1 draw 2 influence. “Gain 1 Ghostrock if a player refuses a call out.” Possessed: This Deed becomes a Saloon with: The controller of this must check a card if that card is less then this dude’s grit they forfiet this deed’s upkeep for the round.

“I’ll live and die a gamblin man.”