The Angler and Jokers

The Angler’s second ability reads:

Noon: Discard a card to change The Angler’s value to that card’s value.

If I were to use that ability and discard a joker, what would The Angler’s value be?

My understanding is that a Joker has no suit or value until it is declared when revealed as a Pull or in a Draw Hand, and does not have a value or a suit otherwise.

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Joker card text

"This card is only used for draw hands and pulls.

You choose its suit and value. Ace the joker after use."

The Angler is spoiled here and card text referenced above.

As the Joker text has no value except when revealed for draw hands and pulls, discarding it to the Angler is not a legal play.

Jokers can still be discarded to other abilities that allow you to discard cards.

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