The Ballad of Mario Crane Continues

The last time we saw Mario, he was in a hostage situation at the Stagecoach Office. The Sloane Gang was holding up the place, and Mario tried to be the hero by pulling out his service revolver.

The story ended when Mario was shot by an unknown giant of a man, wielding two Winchester Rifles, referred to as “Sloane.”

Today we pick up the story of Mario’s Harrowed experience, and boy is it a trip!

Here are Parts 1 and 2 for your convenience, as they were published before Double Dealin’ was released!


Wow that was certainly not what I was expecting! Great story surrounding Mario, I hope we get to see more!

Hooray! Validation!

Rest assured, we don’t plan to forget about Mario. When he ends the story vowing that he has to find Sloane, you can assume you are probably going to see more about that :-p.