The Big Ol' Portland Doomtown Thread

This here thread is for all the news that’s fit to print about Doomtown in Portland, Oregon. And maybe even some that ain’t…

● 7/27 Thursday Night Gunfight @ Red Castle Games 7-10 PM

● 8/3 Beers n’ Bullets Night @ The Lucky Lab 6-10 PM

● 8/5 Tales of the Epitaph Tournament @ Red Castle Games 12-5 PM


The Portland Doomtown Gang has been playing nonstop since the game’s release. We play every week, as well as hold special events and tournaments throughout the year. We’re a friendly bunch of Doomtown enthusiasts, and beginners are always welcome at any of our events. If yer a local cowboy, or just driftin’ through these parts, why not join us for a game of swillin’ booze and slingin’ bullets?


Do you have a new deck idea you’re dying to try out, or maybe just an itchy trigger finger and you’re looking to ace some dudes? The Portland Doomtown Gang holds a weekly Gunfight Night on Thursdays at Red Castle Games from 7-10 PM. Dust off those cards, saddle up and head on down for a spell. We typically have 4-6 players attend every Thursday so you’re guaranteed to get in a game.

If you want to know more about Doomtown events happening in Portland, shoot me a message and I’ll put you on our email list:

Matt Lippay

I usually send out only 1 email per week to let players know where we’re meeting and if we’re playing any special formats (Bicycle, Unknown Threats, Multiplayer, etc…) so you won’t be hit with a lot of useless spam. This also puts you in contact with a larger group of players in the greater Portland area.

Check below for detailed descriptions of listed events, and stay tuned for further updates. Be seein’ you, pardners!


Thursday, July 20th
Guardian Games
6-10 PM

You want to win a set of rare promo Jokers from the 2015 Sheriff prize kit? How about a playmat or a deck tin? Are ya feelin’ lucky? Well are ya?

Then join us on Thursday, July 20th at Guardian Games because I’ll be raffling off some top-shelf Doomtown prizes! In addition, all players who attend get an alt-art promo card just for showing up.

The Rundown
The Portland Doomtown Gang is formin’ a posse and doing a job at Guardian Games for their Pizza, Beer and Board Games Night. There’s a $10 cover charge. This gets you 5 tokens for slices of pizza and/or bottles of beer.

The Raffle
As mentioned above, I’ll be raffling off prizes at this event. There’s no charge for the raffle. Here’s how it works:

  1. You earn 1 ticket for playing a game.
  2. You earn 1 ticket for winning a game.
  3. You earn 1 ticket for hitting a rank-11 hand.

Near the end of the night we’ll pull for prizes. If your name gets drawn, you win! It’s as easy at that.

New players earn +3 raffle tickets right off the bat, so if we haven’t seen you before, you’ve got a good chance to go home with some swag in yer saddlebag!



Here’s a pic of the prizes I’m raffling off for our upcoming Beers n’ Bullets Night at Guardian Games on Thursday, July 20th. Some of these items are very rare!

● Eagle Wardens Wooden Home
● 2015 Sheriff Event Promo Jokers Set
● 2016 Sheriff Event Travis Moone (Exp) Playmat
● 2016 Sheriff Event Leatherette Pouch + Metal Ghost Rock
● Morgan Cattle Co. (Elander Boldman) Deck Tin
● The Fourth Ring (Avie Cline) Deck Tin

Each person that shows up will also receives a full play set of promo cards. I have Jacqueline Isham, Faster on the Draw, Pistol Whip and One Good Turn… so there’s something for everyone!


Saturday, July 22th
Red Castle Games
12-4 PM

The Portland Doomtown Gang is going all out to celebrate PBE’s launch of their Tales of the Epitaph Kickstarter with a second event in the same week. That’s right, we’re emptyin’ both barrels for yet another day of runnn’ jobs and acin’ dudes!

Join us for a Saturday Shootout at Red Castle Games from 12-4 PM. There’s no charge, but there are lots of cool prizes you can win!

Always Beginner Friendly
Like all of our meet-ups, this event is 100% certified beginner friendly. Are you new to Doomtown and just learnin’ the ropes? No problem, we’re more than happy to teach you how to play. Heck, you don’t even need to own any cards as we’ll have decks on hand that you can borrow.

The Raffle
I’m raffling off a rare wooden home, a playmat, deck tins, metal ghost rock and another set of hard-to-find promo Jokers from the 2015 Sheriff event! The raffle is free and it works the same as for our Beers n’ Bullets Night on Thursday, July 20th. But in case you’ve been hittin’ the whiskey flask again, here are those rules one more time:

  1. You earn 1 ticket for playing a game.
  2. You earn 1 ticket for winning a game.
  3. You earn 1 ticket for hitting a rank-11 hand.
  4. New players earn +3 raffle tickets.

Near the end we’ll pull for prizes. If your name gets drawn, you’ve struck gold! Or Ghost Rock as the case may be. Well pardners, if this don’t get you to mosey on down to Red Castle Games for a Saturday of cool poker and hot lead, I don’t know what will.

Be seein’ you!


Days prior to your Epitaph Tournament (on Saturday, August 5th), is there going to be a Beers n’ Bullets Night?.


Jordan, great question!

Right now we’re holding a normal Gunfight Night on the Thursday before our Epitaph Tournament. That would be Thursday, August 3rd from 7-10 PM at Red Castle Games.

However, if some Hired Guns from out of town are set on making the trip to Portland, I may be tempted to put something special together.

This means I gotta ask:

Is there anyone on these boards from another city, state or even country (howdy, beautiful British Columbia!) that plans on attending our TotE event? If so, don’t be bashful. Let me know!

There are plenty of fantastic brewpubs here so nothing is stopping the Portland Doomtown Gang from taking over one of those locations on August 3rd to show you drifters a good time.

I’d like to make it up there for August 3rd (arrive) to 6th (depart) - waiting to hear from a local friend about accommodations - is there anyone up there that can host a night or two?



We’d love to have you join us! I will check in with everybody at both our Beers n’ Bullets Night and Saturday Shootout this weekend to see about hosting. If you are making the trip, we’ll do a job at a local waterin’ hole and show you some proper Portland hospitality.

Right now we have between 8-10 players planning on attending the tournament. I typically run 4 rounds of Swiss as opposed to 3 rounds with a cut to the top 2. That way, everyone gets to play as much Doomtown as possible.

To entice anyone else out there who may consider making the trip to Portland, here are some of the special prizes that we’ll have for our Tales of the Epitaph event:

● 3 Ivory Outfits
● Whisky Shot Glasses
● Bottle Openers
● Gunslinger Promos
● Lowball Poker Chips

And that’s not including the regular TotE prize kit or anything I drag out from my own personal stash! It should be a fight to remember, folks.


We held our Beers n’ Bullets Night last Thursday at Guardian Games and it was great to see some new faces! We had 7 players attend and it was a ton of fun. Beers were had, dudes were aced and I raffled off a lot of prizes.

Here’s Aaron with his new Travis Moone playmat. Aaron is brand new to Doomtown and this is the first time he’s played with our group. While playing a multi-player game with Aaron he told me the one thing he hoped to win was the playmat. It was the first prize I pulled for and he got it!

Later in the week we met up again for a Saturday Shootout, this time at Red Castle Games. For this event we had 2 other new players and a total of 9 people attend. Considering a few of our regulars couldn’t make either event, those are respectable numbers. Doomtown is definitely growing in Portland and I’m hopeful we’ll have at least 8 people for our tournament on August 5th.

Some pics from our Saturday Shootout:

The pile o’ swag from Saturday (hat and money bag not included). Red Castle Games donated a copy of the Core Set for us to give away which I thought was pretty darn cool.

Rustlin’ up some raffle tickets!

A three-player game in action.

Someone has a winning hand!

Greasin’ palms on yer way to victory.


Thursday, August 3rd
The Lucky Lab on Hawthorne
6-10 PM

The Portland Doomtown Gang is saddlin’ up and doin’ a job at The Lucky Lab on Hawthorne on Thursday, August 3rd. This is a great chance to get in one more practice session with your deck for our tournament on Saturday, August 5th.

Those No Good Lowdown Details
Like our previous Beers n’ Bullets Night, I’ll be raffling off prizes at this here event so you won’t want to miss it! There’s no charge to play, but you might bring some ghost rock anyway because they’ve got some fine sarsaparilla to wet your whistle, as well as some tasty food.

The Raffle
Here’s how this there auto-raffle contraption works:

  1. You earn 1 ticket for playing a game.
  2. You earn 1 ticket for winning a game.
  3. You earn 1 ticket for hitting a rank-11 hand.

Near the end of the night we’ll pull for prizes. If your name gets drawn, you win! Yeah, it ain’t gadget science.

New players earn +3 raffle tickets. Drifters from out of town earn +3 raffles tickets. New players who are also out-of-town drifters, well they get themselves 6 tickets just fer showin’ up. That’s like needin’ to pull an Ace to Puppet some witless dude in the town square!

See you on August 3rd at The Lab, compadres.


I’m adding a twist to our upcoming Beers n’ Bullets Night on August 3rd. Now there’s a new way to earn raffle tickets — by bringing a pair of notorious outlaws to justice!

That’s right, a duo of desperados have sauntered into town and taken up residence at The Lucky Lab Saloon where they’ve been terrorizing the not-so-good folks of Gomorra with bad accents and even worse karaoke. I give you…


You’ll be able to spot these bandits by their cowboy hats. When you play a game against one of them you can wager 1 raffle ticket on your match. This represents their bounty.

If you win, you earn a bonus ticket! But if you lose, your ticket is gone for good as those mangy outlaws spend your hard-earned ghost rock on women and whiskey. Or manicures and mustache waxes. Hey, good grooming habits are important when every day could be your last!

Good luck bringin’ us in you bounty hunter scum, 'cause we’ve evaded capture so far! You know what they say, someday the mountain might get us but the law never will.



Saturday, August 5th

Red Castle Games

High Noon

$10 Entry Fee


  1. A legal deck (52 cards + up to 2 Jokers).
  2. A deck list.
  3. Your cards must be sleeved (opaque colors).
  4. Tokens, poker chips, gunslinger cards, etc… everything you need to play a match
  5. A playmat or game board if you have it.

4-5 rounds of Swiss depending on attendance.

No cut so everyone gets to play a ton of Doomtown for their money.

We have a fantastic prize pool for this tournament and I guarantee everyone goes home with some cool stuff. I also commissioned a “Cowboy Cake” just for this event, so let’s show some Portland pride and have a great turnout!

See you there, pardners!


Man, if Zach is planning to be there… I might have to got to the Tote tourney to slap leather with that varmint, I have never even faced him in a reloaded game!

Yipe, when you say “legal deck”, are we talking based on the dead dudes banned list? Or just legal as in 52 cards, no more than four of a value, etc. What about the Invader challenge deck, can I just play that? (Kidding! Although maybe I’ll bring it and gunsling with it, just to ruin everyone’s day.)

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Also, August 5th is a Sunday… Please confirm date.

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Rumor is that there will be a Name A Card Event in 2019…

Also, is the Beers and Bullets thing still happening on a regular basis?

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This was from the Epitaph Series last year; Portland was scheduled for Tombstone Series on June 23 unless they rescheduled

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Dang, them PDX boys need to do some updating.