The Cavalry is here!

I’ve been itching to have this card spoiled. Horse tech power!


Man, this card is nuts! As far as non-cheatin’ res cards are concerned, this is the one with the potential for the largest, and easiest, hand rank bump.


Only problem is… it’s on value with Roan. :slight_smile:

This could be everything I’ve ever wanted


It also means weaning myself off of Faster on the Draw in non-LD decks (that 3 bullet swing as pointed out elsewhere is very good). As a headline, it is also defensive as playing this kibboshes THEIR headlines :smiley:

I don’t think I’ll include it in my current gadget horse deck…because it fails some more pulls.

That said, it’s very tempting.

Yes, it seems to me that design had been beefing up two very different horse builds. The high-value gadget horse, and the low(er) value warm-blooded horse. Because of the pull requirement in gadget horse, some of these low value (but thematic) cards can only be included with caution, and in moderation.

I see this as a foundational card for a new iteration: one that sleazes out cheap horses (yay for pedro, even roan, I suppose) - not so much for their abilities - but to enable further combos. This gives it teeth in a shootout.


Well said. I have to admit - right now when I see a bunch of warm-blooded horses on the table, I’m really not worried at all. Some movement shenanigans… whatever… I can deal with that. After this new card comes out? Bunch of horses = terrifying!

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I dunno, I’m already worried about Run 'em Down and Rope and Ride. Low Horses are already really good.


it’s not impossible to pass difficulty 9 gadget horses pulling a 6. Wagners ranch, Marty ( startable with lucky) with a 2 science, and Elander Boldman xp1 all work.

Warm blooded horses work well with shootout actions that boot your dudes. those actions only go so far, especially against decks that have hand rank manipulation. Now horse decks have a serious HRM to contend.

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OMG I have to remove all of the Sould Blasts, MIrror, Mirrors and Puppet from my decks, they fail so many pulls.

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I don’t think anyone is suggesting that low value cards CANT be included in skill-test decks. There are many examples to the contrary.

I myself said “included with caution, and in moderation”. I think that’s fair to say. One must build and play a deck carefully, to balance value and pulls.


I too think we have the makings of a strong low-value horse deck. But Rope and ride has always been clunky for me. Run 'em Down is very strong, and could contribute to a cool horse control deck. My experience is that (to date), low value horses tend to flop in a shootout. It sounds like your experience has been different. But either way, this card will help.

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Yeah, to keep up with all the hand rank modifying going on horses have needed to either grab some off-value actions or pack things like LeMat Revolvers and Force Fields, which dilute the focus and in the case of the LeMat (and soon Force Field too) compete for slots with your horses. This card will definitely help them out. Of the two factions with horse tech, I think that Eagle Wardens are overall stronger on sixes than Morgan but the cattle company still has access to a decent bunch of dudes if you’re running it as a main value. This also gives a nice alternative to Faster on the Draw for horsey straight flush decks - while FotD increases your chances of getting the SF in the first place, Calling the Cavalry can potentially turn a basic straight or flush into something nasty.