The Curtain Rises Spoiler: High Stakes Haven

Very interesting deed, definitely offers a lot! Control point, Casino, Strike, Out-of-Town, 3 Production, and the ability on it acts as a bit of natural protection.


Thanks PaxCecilia!

Cross posting something I posted on boardgamegeek in reply to concerns about out of town control points (concerns I share, but feel are being well managed so far!). Those with good memories might remember a similar message after Arnold Stewart was released.

"I agree that plentiful control points on out of town deeds is a risk and would be bad for the game, but I’ve got some confidence in the designers on this one. This issue was mentioned in an early design diary and so far out of town control points have been rare.

There are two deeds so far with a single out of town control point each: by the equivalent stage of the original game (c500 cards released) there were 12 out of town deeds worth a total of 20 control points.

As an early design diary mentioned, making the in-town deeds efficient at GR production and worth control points helps encourage interaction and movement, two of the best parts of Doomtown."