The Curtain Rises: What's the deal?

So what’s the deal with this release? First I heard May 23rd, which the aeg source page still lists. However, in the preview for Someone Else’s Problem, it is listed as May 9th. My FLGS said they were supposed to receive it today (though haven’t called to confirm).

Is this just a printing/shipping kerfuffle?


Not that I’m complaining! Just curious. This release seemed to sneak up on me.

Picked it up today at my FLGS in Portland, OR. I wasn’t expecting it, but pleasantly surprised.

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Yeah I’ve read and heard conflicting things. First I read online it would be the 9th, then I was at a game night on Tuesday and the owner of the store told us not until around the 20th. Sure enough the preview the other day said it would be available on the 10th, and no local stores have it in stock yet.

Which sucks because based on the spoilers this pack looks incredible.

Kind of weird, in France (Paris) it’s already in stores.

Well has the whole set spoiler up now soooo it must be out!


holy shit I never saw that 8 of hearts in the spoilers earlier this week. Shiiieeeet.

Thanks for the heads up, looks like a deck building afternoon :wink:

Horse decks are really starting to shine! Looking forward to create a Morgan Stables deck with some cards of this new pack.

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Tyxarglenak has been eating his vegetables o.o (and goodness knows who else)

People. Definitely People.

Just a little confusion with the release date. It was originally pushed out from the normal release schedule by two weeks (to May 23rd). Then AEG decided not to push it out, but by then all of the previews were scheduled on the website. So when the release happened, we just had to amend some things.

As you guys mentioned, fortuitous mistake!!!