The Final Doomtown Story

The final Doomtown story is here!

Nice to see the dramatic events and more of Mario Crane’s villainy first hand, then a different author wrapping things up in an epilogue with a surprising new sheriff. Poignant stuff, feels as much about the OOC game as the IC town at time. A fine, but bittersweet, note to end on.

Glad these stories were written - it can be easy to lose motivation for writing after events like this.

One silver lining of the last fiction is that it means we can move on to the Q&A a diligent story team member had offered to help with:

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I’m not sure if the names dropped in the epilogue are references I don’t get (Jack, Alder, Blackmore) or if they are just teasers at the fact that there was a lot more story planned than what made it to the light of day.

Either way, it’s pretty sad to see Mario end up where he does being a former lawman. Glad to see Pancho sticking to his more robin-hood style persona. He can’t be the only person wearing a red bandana that’s having doubts after what Mario does.

On phone, potentially more later, but pretty confident Jack is Blackjack Jackson, of Jackson’s strike and classic Doomtown fame. He was a 5 stud miner turned bandit turned miner again, now on the side of the law. Sad we never saw him as a law dog!


From the story team Q&A thread, have learned Adler was the leader of the Full Moon Brotherhood.

Will see if I can discover the secrets behind Blackmore too. :slight_smile:

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