The Great Forum Crash

Well guys, you weathered the storm. You may have noticed our forums just go kaput. That’s on me. I pressed a button I shouldn’t have, and despite our best efforts we had to roll back to a forum image about 2 days before the incident. That said, we’re doing updates more frequently now, as well as running the latest stable build of the forum software.

I sincerely apologize for the interruption. And Look forward to much more discussion with you. Feel free to call me dirty names in the comments below. :wink:

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How does the downtime relate to our capability of leveling up in abilities in the forum. With the requirement of logging daily and what not.

It shouldn’t as far as I know, but I can look into it. If there is an issue, I’ll figure out a solution.

Well done with getting it up again!

“2 days before”?

I hadn’t been able to access the forums for over a week; they just came up as a blank white page for me the whole time.

2 days before the forum became a blank page :wink:

My account I created a few days before the crash did not get restored, so I had to create another one. But I am glad the forum is back up.

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I toiled for days trying every invention I could to get to the forums:

Tybar’s Patented Forum Discombobulator
Tybar’s Internet Time Traversing Posting Apparatus (Patent-Pending)

But I’m glad that worked! I’ll just go through these things away…


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Glad you guys are taking it all in stride.

Off topic, but since it’s the topmost post in the Town Council cathegory, I’ll post it here.

I think that the Search function intergrated in the forum (ctrl+F) is not very convenient, I’d prefer normal browser search to be implemented instead.

Ctrl+F is just browser search I think. At least for me.

Try it in a long thread, like this one.

Ah I see. Well it looks to be working fine for me.

Should we consider unpinning this? It’s been a month since it’s seen any activity.