Last year, Anders (has to play mcc to win with gadgets) Kernel and I had a public gadget match to determine the undisputed king of the QUATERMEN.

He cheated by playing an actual Gadget faction and won.

Well it’s time for a rematch.

Last time around we denied each other dudes from each others faction as a deck building restriction and it was a fun extra thing to build around.

Well The Danish Dirtbag :slight_smile: is coming to the EU Marshall and we figured we’d treat you guys to another couple of idiots with silly decks making a go of it.

In theory, this will be video’d and if I we can get together at the same time I’m sure we can commentate on it afterwards too.

However, this can’t be some simple build a deck and play game. There needs to be rules. Proper rules for proper gadget gentlemen.

That’s where you come in.

We’ll incorporate the best suggestions into our match rules!

Give us your best shot!


You sah! You will regret those syllables ever left your aperture! Challenge accepted!

Last year, Dan (who seems to believe that Law Dogs is a gadget deck) Knight and I contested in the fine art of gadget slingin’ - to see who would be the master of the QUATERMANs.

I cheated by being the only one showing up with a real gadget deck and thus won.

Now he dares challenge me again!

It seems The Imperial Imposter :wink: is entering the EU Marshall - so once again we will treat you all to two goofy gadgetteers gone gunslingers.

All we need is for you guys to come up with deck building restrictions, that clearly favors the only gadget faction, so we can call this match proper civilized!

Please give us your best suggestions - and they might be incorporated into the rules if we find them conductive for this match of the New Science!


You can’t use dudes from each other’s faction seems a good one. Are you locked into Law Dogs vs Morgan? A true scientist’s genius would shine through the adversity and rise to lead any of the less enlightened-in-the-ways-of-new-science factions to wealth, prosperity and a brighter tomorrow!

Perhaps no Marty, because a real mad scientist doesn’t need assistants. They’ll only try to steal your ideas and take all the profit…

Would disallowing The Arsenal and the Gadgetorium be much of a hindrance? Probably not.

A true pioneering gadgeteer on the forefront of science doesn’t have need of the types of dirty tricks employed by the average gunslinger. Their gentlemanly conduct and the purity of their scienctific method will win the day. 6 clubs maximum in the deck. I’d say clubless, but then the game could go on forever and there’d be no chance for an epic modification-off.

Edited as I have another idea. There will probably reach a stage in the game when this is no longer viable, but as you are showing off your gadgeteering brilliance then each dude participating in a shootout must either be a gadget or have a gadget attached. Perhaps once everyone is gadgeted-up you have a science expo (read: massive shootout) in the town square?


Had a crazy thought that I’m not sure is actually all good?.. You can each draft 3 values which the other part can’t use. The whole proces would be fun, but it would also mean you prolly know at least 60 % of both decks up front. Would prolly also mean that 8 and 11 would be picked first?..

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Yeah it does have some issues… Maybe. I am really looking forward to Ghost town as it might change the ideas I have for gadget decks totally…

Seconded requiring a gadget attached to each dude, or each dude being a gadget, during a shootout.

I’d also love to see experimental as a focus. :slight_smile: