The Light Shineth - Outbreak at the Big Top

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Clowns have been scary for a while. Control has been a powerful archetype and at it’s core, the Fourth Ring and hexes. Boasting a power over Gomorra that seems to stop it’s citizen’s in their tracks, Ivor and his performers haven’t even begun the main event. Now under the guise of the good Samiritan, Ivor steps forward to help the locals deal with a mysterious outbreak. Of course his goal is still total control of Gomorra and its citizens.

:spades: Spades (* starting posse) (14)
1x A Dulf Zug *
1x 2 Pagliaccio *
1x 5 Travis Moone*
1x 6 Bobo
1x 7 Leonardo “Leon” Cavallo
1x 8 Steven Wiles
1x 8 The Flying Popescus*
1x 8 The Ghostly Gun
1x 9 Micah Ryse (Exp.1) *
1x 10 Avie Cline
1x J Kevin Wainwright
1x J Tyxarglenak
1x Q Jia Mein
1x Q Nicodemus Whateley
:clubs: Clubs (12)
2x 8 Rumors
2x 8 This’ll Hurt in the Mornin’
2x 10 Too Much Attention
2x 10 Unprepared
2x J Hex Slingin’
2x Q It’s Not What You Know…
2x Q Forced Quarantine
:diamonds: Diamonds (12)
2x 8 Circle M Ranch
2x 8 Pat’s Perch
1x 10 Baird’s Build and Loan
1x 10 Carter’s Bounties
1x J California Tax Office
1x J Jackson’s Strike
1x J Undertaker
1x Q General Store
1x Q St. Anthony’s Chapel
1x Q The Pharmacy
:heart: Hearts (12)
4x 8 Paralysis Mark
4x 10 Shadow Walk
4x Q Blood Curse
Jokers (2)
1x Joker (black)
1x Joker (red)

You’ve got your typical control elements here, and now you’ve got a job that lets you turn it into a win condition. . Those who are unaffected by the plauge, are subjected to the California Tax Office. Your opponent will eventually be forced to leave the town and you’ll have removed enough of your opponent’s influence that Ivor’s buddy, Nicodemus, shows up and seizes control of the town to secure the victory. This deck is a game of patience and planning - don’t rush headlong into shootouts that you aren’t sure you can win and punish your opponent’s poor decisions. When you’re ready, use Forced Quarantine to send dudes packin’ and move in on their turf. A ghost town is an easy town to take control of.

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@db0 - Thanks. Still getting all of this worked out with the redesign.

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In a direct comparison I think the Sanatorium might be the weakest of the 4R Outfits available in terms of direct and immediate game impact.

However, I think it offers a lot of versatility in terms of deckbuilding. Being able to throw around an influence to any one of your dudes anywhere on the board is quite powerful when it comes to shaping a starting posse. Also, being able to increase Skill can really open up potential for different draw structures.

The debuff (and cards like Forced Quarantine, which are still useful for other 4R Outfits quite a bit) is more-or-less just a bit of bonus on top of that. I think the real power of the outfit likely lies in boosting your own dudes.

EDIT: Question - Does giving someone without the Huckster skill +1 give them the skill, or do they need to have it already? It’s phrased differently than other cards that grant skills like Mayfair Family Deck and Prayer, so I’m inclined to believe it cannot grant the skill to a dude that doesn’t already have it.

I would agree with @Darguth the home ability based on the existing cardpool seems underwhelming. However knowing the home without knowing the rest of the cards in the pinebox makes it difficult to judge. If ,given what we have seen from Forced Quarantine, there becomes a card theme of “only works if a dude is buffed/nerfed” then the home shows a lot more promise. But as it stands a majority of the current 4r deck archetypes do not benefit from this particular home at this time.

I don’t think it’s underwhelming, just more subtle. It’s like comparing the Arsenal to the the Law Dogs outfit. I think the Arsenal has a very strong mechanic, but it manifests in less obvious ways.

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I apologize for misconstruing your original post. I would argue however that much like The Arsenal, this new home needs some additional card support in order to become great. As it stands it is a permanent influence buff which is okay and will no doubt save players the game. But as it stands i would like more promotion for the cards additional affects. Especially considering the economic loss of running this home compared to the other 2.

No argument there. Force Quarantine is obviously strong support, but it’s not so weak in the other outfits (Blood Curse anyone?) to be solely for this outfit. Just more easily guaranteed.

This was asked over on the AEG rules forum (maybe by yourself) and they said no, it has no effect on someone without the Huckster keyword.

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well there goes my theory that Light Shineth will be centered on the ‘good factions’. So, one down, 2 to go.

Like the theme at least, and an interesting ability.

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Like the theme, too, and the sublety. Really feels like it opens deckbuilding up a lot, like Darguth said.

Why do I get the feeling that things are about to take a turn for the worse for Dr. Ashbel?


It certainly looks like he’s making use of the tent that we saw him in earlier…