The Light Shineth Preview - Asakichi Cooke and Cooke's Nightcap

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Both look great.

Wow, another crazy good 8 of diamonds, and more strong movement based effects from 108. They really aren’t shying away from the power level of the new factions are they?

Asakichi is amazeballs. Discard-for-effect abilities can allow you to pack a lot of various utility in a deck without risking the diluting of your overall strategy if done correctly, and Asakichi appears to be done correctly. Run some Nunchuks or Unprepared for anti-spellcaster and those cards still are plenty useful if you go up against a deck that’s not running skills.


Plus if you’ve got a guy with decent Kung Fu value it never sucks to have an extra Combo or two in your discard. And Randall and Bai Yang Chen can be giving you a bigger handsize to discard anything not immediately useful!

I like that she’s a simple mechanic that supports many playstyles. Movement is good for any deck, and milling your hand is useful for 108’s two biggest archetypes so far: Kung Fu Shooter and Deedslide.

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Hmm… Great 108 - but I dont thonk I would be using the 8 normally…

8 is an awsome value for amost every deck out there.
Steven wiles, Para mark, The Evidence, Bounty Hunter, Rumors, Hurt in the Morning…
And this without considering in-faction dudes.

Yeah - I got lazy typing that. What I tried to say was that I normally would shy away from using that 8 deed - not the vaue 8. But, that might change after trying out what a turn 1 income of 3 can give to me.

The draw back is something to consider, but 3 production on a 2 cost deed is absolutely nuts. Until games played prove it is too much of a liability, decks I build with 8’s are going to have this card without hesitation.