The Light Shineth Preview - Den of Thieves

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Well can deffo see more people playing the fixer now. Think Db0 may have had a hand in this outfit :wink:
On a playability note, absolutely love it. looks like an ideal risk vs reward outfit. Plenty of deckbuilding options with it too.

I don’t get what “is” the Sloane Gang, apparently. The Outfit seems fine and I suppose somewhat thematic, but I don’t see how this really fits into or augments their existing brand. Seems completely out of left field.

There it is, he gets the jobs, 3-4 people go to kidnap someone and your other grifter gets wanted for their shooting while savely at home, all reducing Sloanes cost :open_mouth:
The picture of the 5 man starting posse on the outfit card is fitting i think, seems like they’re killing time until something happens :smile:

Darguth, i think it’s still not clear what Sloane / Jonah is planning, or who/what exactly is Sloane. yet`?
Seems like a gang of dudes frustrated with law and life, but used for the schemes of some ‘darker’ power to me…

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I kinda have a hand in all the outfits :stuck_out_tongue:


Woooow, innate hand rank manipulation. That is pretty strong, even if its only 1 rank, and really easy way to get folks wanted.

And 2 villain factions. Light Shineth is turning out pretty dark!

edit: oh you know, i didn’t notice that the bounty is added to a Grifter. Okay, that limits it a fair bit. So, your entire outfit ability centers around 2 dudes. Granted, as pointed out, you can have them hang out at Home since the react just adds a bounty, but if you lose both of them, your box is basically blank because you don’t really want to pack grifters outside your starting posse (unless Light Shineth adds some that have increased utility outside of the start of the game). Interesting, but feels very niche

Den of Theives + having a grifter in play + Barton Everest. Barton will be +2 hand rank to all shootouts.

It seems to me as if you can use the ability to attach a bounty onto any of your grifters, in shootout, or out. It’s a react, not a shootout ability, so should be able to affect dudes outside the shootout. All your shootouts that your cheatin’, or willing to cheat in are + 1 handrank, if you have a grifter in play, and willing to stack the bounty.

I might just play Bad Company with that home.

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Barton won’t trigger from Den.

most Grifters are 2 Draw, you can start with two of them, travis and fixer or gina, include the rest and give them pearl handed revolvers.
Or you can add them to your posse with Stakes, which is on value with gina and freddy.
Also you can go all-in, or full retard, I’m not sure yet and pack a 3x16 structure and barton as you have plenty of expensive dudes, cheatin resolutions shouldn’t be a problem.
It seems like a fun deck.

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All grifters also have 0 upkeep (except The Fixer) and there’s quite a few on A value.

Now if there was just a card that makes people into grifters …

Also you can still play extra grifters in your deck at a cheaper price too!

Edit: typo

Honestly I thought we would see something like this for a neutral home not Sloan, letting people play multiple grifters, start using a ‘card sharp’ key word on people like Steel and Barton, tie into using Casinos. Could have called it The Game. Oh well, it is interesting no matter what faction, I will have to wait and see what can be done with it.

just to make sure you realize this, it’s grifters, not drifters.
drifters are any non faction dude, grifters are any dudes that have keyword grifter.

I am aware, the card game would have been the draw so you could start grifters from two different factions at the same time.

I really like the concept of this outfit although I don’t see it at the same competitive level as the other two. Not yet at least, maybe there will be something to protect you from cheating resolutions. If I know my opponent runs a lot of hard-hitting cheating punishment this becomes pretty much blank or at least very restricted.

But I see an opportunity to finally play The Fixer and Outlaw Mask, which makes me happy.

I think people are missing the easiest application: Losing (or winning) lowball anyway, get +1 GR and increase your bounty. Going to cheat in a shootout anyway? Might as well get +1 hand rank while you’re at it.

plus it’s the safest way to get bounty until now, so you can do more Sloane shenanigans.

Put those two together: Milt + Monte Bank. You get +3 GR ever turn with just one card.


I typoed meant grifters my bad :cry:

I think this outfit is fairly powerful. +1 hand rank, but cheatin? Well even if your opponent is holding a INWYK with the right cards (Barton etc.) you can actually cheat fairly free. Of course if your opponent is playing coachwhip or bottomdealin you might want to think about it.

It definetely gives possibilities. I approve…

Does it compete with the first home? No not really - but both this and Desolation Row are meant for specific decks - while the old home is a bit more generic (IMO).

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If you’ve got Benjamin Washington in your deck, does this home mean he’s free to play?

Right you are